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Taurus ~ 21 April – 21 May

Taurus Star Signs
The Taurus Star Sign

Element Earth ~ Quality Fixed ~ Charge Negative ~ Ruling Planet Venus ~ Day Friday ~ Phrase “I have”

What does the star sign Taurus mean?

The Taurus Star Sign Personality

Taurus are easy to understand. What you see is what you get. They also like to own everything, mostly food. They’ll even own what’s on another person’s plate because their stomachs are very important. They never do anything quickly. You’ll never catch a Taurus making a snap decision. They also hate change, especially in a relationship because they’re very loyal. Taurus are extremely attractive and creative…They love flowers, music and opera. They are the best mates you’ll ever have.

More About Taurus

These people are practical and persevering. Taurus are solid and reliable, regular in habits, sometimes a bit wet behind the ears and stubborn as mules. Their love of money and the comfort it can bring may make them very materialistic in outlook. They are most suited to a practical career that brings with it a few surprises and plenty of money. However, some Taurus, have a strong artistic streak which can be expressed in work, hobbies and interests. Some Taurus are quick and clever, highly amusing and quite outrageous in appearance but underneath this crazy exterior is a background of true talent and very hard work. This type may be a touch arrogant. Other Taurus hate to be rushed or hassled, preferring to work quietly and thoroughly at their own pace. They take relationships very seriously and make safe and reliable partners. They may keep their worries to themselves but they are not usually liars or sexually untrustworthy.

Being so very sensual as well as patient, these people make excellent lovers. Their biggest downfall comes later in life when they have a tendency to plonk themselves down in front of the television night after night, tuning out the rest of the world. Another problem with some Taurus is their ‘pet hate’, which they’ll harp on about at any given opportunity. Their virtues are common sense, loyalty, responsibility and a pleasant, non-hostile approach to others. Taurus are much brighter than anyone gives them credit and it is hard to beat them in an argument because they usually know what they’re talking about. If a Taurus is on your side, they make wonderful friends and comfortable and capable colleagues.

Taurus at Work

The fact that you like to take the time to read and think things through, means you’ll never be taken by surprise in your business ventures. No snap decisions here, but that’s a good thing because through this you have developed a knack for generating a steady income. Your business won’t suddenly take off on you, but at least you’ll know exactly where you stand, every step of the way. You are practical and persevering, sometimes to a fault. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to let go of that friendly neighbour who isn’t really doing a very good job for you. Even though the direction you take with your business always seems like common sense to you, others in the same situation may spend some time just scratching their heads. This, combined with your hard working attitude makes for a reliable and profitable business.

Taurus Compatibility

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  1. starmaster

    this sounds NOTHING like my friend, although the aries and scorpio does, good work but you need to do a bit more research with the taureans

  2. destiny

    this sounds just like me im a taurus and its true every single word on it and uhmm starmaster if this does not sound like your friends then i don’t know whats up with them. You need to look at them carefully because im sure that some of this relates to your friends!!!!!!

  3. Angharad

    Hi Folks,

    Some challenging comments here and Taurus is quite a sign to correctly read. As a Taurean myself I have a particular interest and think Kelly is on the right lines here regarding basic Taurean traits.

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