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The Year of the Rabbit

Chinese New Year of the Rabbit

Years and Dates for Chinese New Year of the Rabbit

1903   January 29, 1903 – February 15, 1904   Black Water Rabbit Year
1915   February, 14 1915 – February 3, 1916   Green Wood Rabbit Year
1927   February,  2 1927 – January 22, 1928   Red Fire Rabbit Year
1939   February, 19 1939 – February 7, 1940   Brown Earth Rabbit Year
1951   February,  6 1951 – February 5, 1951   White Metal Rabbit Year
1963   January, 25 1963 – February 12, 1964   Black Water Rabbit Year
1975   February, 11 1975 – January 30, 1976   Green Wood Rabbit Year
1987   January, 29 1987 – February 16, 1988   Red Fire Rabbit Year
1999   February, 16 1999 – February 4, 2000   Brown Earth Rabbit Year
2011   February 3, 2011 – January 22, 2012   White Metal Rabbit Year
2023   January 22, 2023 – February 9, 2023   Water Rabbit Year

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Rat ~ Ox ~ Tiger ~ Rabbit Dragon ~ Snake ~ Horse ~ Goat ~ Monkey ~ Rooster ~ Dog ~ Pig

The Rabbit Personality

When you look at a Rabbit, it’s obvious that they are a very placid, calm creature, but if you make any sudden moves, their nose will twitch in careful consideration of you and they may decide to hop away than risk the imminent confrontation. A few people are jealous of Rabbits as they always remain in control of their emotions and have a very level head, perfect for making great decisions.

Don’t let their serene nature fool you, Rabbits are definitely not weak or without emotion. They have a reservoir of strength inside them, that can be called on in stressful times and can also help to keep their annoyance hidden from others. Rabbits can be sneaky and will often hide junk food in their desks or around the home to munch on when no one is looking. They make fabulous practical jokers too because they will never give themselves away.

At home, the reserved Rabbit is very tidy and neat and furnishes a house with very simple but comfortable furniture. The Rabbit’s cleanliness can seem so extreme sometimes that it may even be the butt of jokes among friends. Culture plays a major part of a Rabbits life, so you will often find them at distinguished music gigs, art museums, shopping for the latest fashions or burying their nose deep into a history book.

Rabbits make excellent friends because they are so diplomatic and will always play the middle man if two friends should have an argument. Unfortunately, this will sometimes infuriate their friends because they will believe that the rabbit has to take a side with one or the other. In relationships, Rabbits rarely ever stray to another person and prefer to take the time to get to know one person very well. They aren’t terribly imaginative lovers but will learn to love their partner by discovering exactly how to please them. Once they are comfy in a relationship, they will become very keen… animals and the ritual of lovemaking will be one that is, let us say, cherished, by our dear Rabbit.

Balance – Yin
Element – Wood


Compatibility with the Rabbit

Perfect Partners: Ox, Snake, Goat
Nearly Perfect Partners: Rat, Dog, Pig
Needs Effort: Tiger, Rabbit
Learn From Your Differences: Dragon, Monkey
Not Your Destiny: Horse, Rooster


Famous People born in the Year of the Rabbit

  • Queen Victoria -monarch
  • Albert Einstein -physicist
  • George Orwell -writer
  • Frank Sinatra -singer
  • Angelina Jolie -actress
  • Brad Pitt -actor
  • Johnny Depp -actor
  • Tiger Woods -golfer


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