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Astrological First Aid Kit

Things you may want to avoid when involved with a…

Aries ~ Taurus ~ Gemini ~ Leo ~ Virgo ~ Libra ~ Scorpio ~ Sagittarius ~ Capricorn ~ Aquarius ~ Pisces


  • Lethargic attitudes can really put a dent in the Ariens’ energetic nature and thus can become quite agitated when you don’t support their ‘full of beans’ mood.
  • Whining and complaining about every little thing that comes to mind. This one can really set the Arien’s fire to work.
  • Having no desire to be spontaneous. Ariens are renowned for doing things on the spur of the moment and love the thrill of unexpected moments.
  • Always being late. If you do this one regularly, Ariens might adapt to your behaviour and turn up a little late themselves. But if it is an issue that has only just begun or comes up every once in awhile… well let’s just say you’d better have a good excuse!

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  • Being pushy and impatient can really agitate the Taurean as they can be very slow and placid, and tend to lean towards the calmer side of life.
  • If you prefer the city hustle and bustle, to the quiet country lifestyle, Taureans won’t be able to understand your point of view. Try to come up with a compromise and live in the outer suburbs of the city, or live near a national park.
  • Wearing uncomfortable clothes so that you look good. Taureans cannot understand why as they like the softer, more casual clothes that are perfectly comfortable.
  • Disliking their chosen profession. If you don’t agree or just generally dislike their job Taureans will push you and your opinions to the back of their mind, refusing to listen to you.

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  • Having nothing interesting to say can really bore this star sign, especially after a long period of time.
  • If you have no curiosity what-so-ever about anything, Gemini will begin to wonder if you are feeling ok…
  • Being overly emotional and irrational about things. Gemini’s generally can’t stand this type of behaviour if it is constantly filling up their ears. At first they will lend a shoulder to cry on but if it continues, turn to someone else for help.
  • Being possessive, jealous and clingy can really make this air sign feel all bottled up. If you can, trust your partner and accept that they may just look at other people besides you. This has nothing to do with how they feel about you.

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  • Criticism is definitely the worst possible thing to do to a cancer. Avoid this at all costs!
  • Making them feel jealous. This causes them to feel insecure and altogether disoriented.
  • Preferring to go out rather than to stay at home and have a nice cosy evening. Cancerians need to feel loved and wanted in relationships. Doing this one on a regular basis could really rock the boat.
  • Ridiculing their moods. While every one has their mood swings, Cancerians are the type to confide in their partner about every one of them. Be patient and lend a sympathetic ear to them.

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  • Compete with them for the spotlight. Two dominating people together is never really a good thing unless you can compromise and alternate the spotlight every now and then.
  • Forgetting anniversaries or birthdays. Leo’s can be easily hurt by things like this despite their strong image.
  • Being tight with your money. This star sign usually spends their money and rarely has second thoughts about anything. If you are the type to ‘hum and harr’ about something before you buy it, this will somewhat agitate Leo. Try looking for what you want to buy before you go out with a Leo.
  • Making fun of them. This can really bore a hole in the Leo’s heart and almost disintegrate their ego.

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  • Giving them nothing to do. Virgo’s feel lost when they can’t help out with things.
  • Messing up their house or room. Being perfectionists, Virgo’s become quite cranky when their house/room isn’t ‘just the way they like it’
  • Being loud and disruptive. This can shatter the Virgo’s peace of mind quite easily and they can become stressed over minor things like this.
  • Not talking in a relaxed communicative style. Virgo’s love nothing more than being spoken to in a well-mannered way. It can boost their somewhat limbo ego.

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  • Being somewhat irrational. Acting this way can push their scales in one direction only, which isn’t healthy for this ‘balanced’ sign.
  • Wearing clothes that clash. Libras usually like to be proud to be seen in what they are wearing, so they take pride in it. If you don’t however, expect some sarcastic comments to come your way.
  • Forget Valentines Day or birthdays. This is the same as the Leo. Librans can be easily hurt by this ‘let down’.
  • Making emotional scenes. Librans despise the open heart to heart kind of confrontations and can only handle them every so often. Don’t make a regular occurrence of this if you wish to keep the relationship.

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  • Being flirtatious. Scorpios like to believe they are the kings of the sand and sea. If you aren’t 100% in the relationship then expect a sting by this sign.
  • Acts of indecisiveness. This sign can get very impatient and can not tolerate this type of behaviour.
  • Being unpredictable can really throw the Scorpio’s mood and their sense of routine. Try to organise your life a little more if this is the case.
  • Giving them no control. Scorpios like to be in control. If you do too, then you will have to work out a compromise and have set things that each of you are in control of.

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  • Being outright possessive can fence this sign in making them feel like they are obliged to be with you. Let them know you want to spend more time with them but don’t turn up your nose to frequently when they demand to go out later on.
  • Believe in what ever it is they don’t believe in. Sagittarians feel the need to be with someone who knows where they are coming from, if you can’t give them this, at least see their point of view.
  • Stay at home day after day. Having no energy or ‘get-up-and-go’ can really bore this sign who likes to do as much activities in as little time possible.
  • Not laughing or being happy when they are. This one can depress their mood and disintegrate their carefree spirit.

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  • Having no appreciation for traditional values. Capricorns are the ones that live by these and if you don’t, well watch your back.
  • Being boastful. Capricorns are the quiet achievers of the zodiac. If you are generally flamboyant and show off your wardrobe where it is not a necessity, Capricorns try to tame you. So save it for important times.
  • Treating your family and loved ones like dirt. Capricorns love their home and all the people in it. Disrespect your family and you will lose respect from a Capricorn.
  • Give up on the bigger picture. If you give up on a project or ideal you have been working hard for, Capricorns will say that you gave up too easily because you didn’t finish it. Ask them for help next time.

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  • Not sharing with them. Aquarian’s are ‘together’ people and love nothing more than the feeling of being someone else’s other half.
  • Disliking or not supporting their cause or ideal in life. Again, they like everyone to be involved with their life and totally supportive. Be patient and sacrifice a little to take part in the Aquarian’s crusades.
  • Telling them to be quiet. If you try to quieten an Aquarius they will be offended and hurt that you aren’t interested in what they’re talking about. To an Aquarian it’s all about being together and having the same ideas on life.
  • Be clingy or whine and complain. You will find that the Aquarian’s usually don’t have time for other people’s problems or they can only stand so much of it. Turn to someone else to get whatever it is off your chest.

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  • Nagging about anything. Pisces are the optimistic people of the zodiac, so any sort of whining or complaining can frustrate them and their mood may alter.
  • Being with them for every second of every day. Like everyone, this sign needs their space. They like to have their own peace and quiet when they can relax and daydream without interruptions.
  • Be rude to someone who you believe is ‘under’ you. Pisceans believe in equality and they often stick by it as a rule of life. Hold your tongue next time you’re about to let loose with another remark.
  • Acting controlling. The more you control them, the more they try to break free. Trust your partner if you can. It will make life easier for you and at the same time strengthening your relationship.

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  1. Shannon

    I agree with the Virgo and Taurus descriptions since the Virgo describes me and the Taurus describes my friend.

    This is reliable information on this website

    • Michele

      I guess i am the odd one. Virgo female here. I was recently dating a cap and had to jump ship because he was too mean. I tried, but he was mean for no reason. Worst relationship ever. Give me my fire signs any day

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