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The Year of the Dog

Years and Dates for Chinese New Year of the Dog

1910   February, 10 1910   White Metal Dog Year
1922   January, 28 1922   Black Water Dog Year
1934   February, 14 1934   Green Wood Dog Year
1946   February,  2 1946   Red Fire Dog Year
1958   February, 18 1958   Brown Earth Dog Year
1970   February,  6 1970   White Metal Dog Year
1982   January, 25 1982   Black Water Dog Year
1994   February, 10 1994   Green Wood Dog Year
2006   January, 29 2006   Red Fire Dog Year
2018   February, 16 2018   Brown Earth Dog Year

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Rat ~ Ox ~ Tiger ~ Rabbit ~ Dragon ~ Snake ~ Horse ~ Goat ~ Monkey ~ Rooster ~ Dog Pig

The Dog Personality

Dog’s are very noble creatures. They are loyal, dutiful and understanding. Dog’s have high moral standards and are very unselfish and generous towards those they consider their friends. Oftentimes a dog will give you a gift unexpectedly because they just want to share what they themselves have found.

Sometimes the Dog can be shy or timid in unfamiliar surroundings and can quite easily become pessimistic or suspicious of those around them. In this instance, they almost become the opposite of who they really are, from when they at home and relaxed. However when they are comfortable and in familiar territory again, they can be very trustworthy, honest and even courageous beings.

The Dog’s are also known for their quick tongues and active minds which they use to fight for their cause, whatever that may be. They tend to see in Black and White and will speak excitably of their viewpoint without being too pushy or confronting. They are idealists but are also cynics. This combination ends up causing the Dog to doubt themselves. If they are led or shown which direction would be best to take, they can not only reach for the moon, they can step on it too!

Balance – Yang
Element – Metal


Compatibility with the Dog

Perfect Partners: Tiger, Horse, Pig
Nearly Perfect Partners: Rat, Rabbit, Dog, Monkey
Needs Effort: Snake, Goat
Learn From Your Differences: Ox, Rooster
Not Your Destiny: Dragon


Famous People born in the Year of the Dog

  • Elvis Presley –singer
  • Benjamin Franklin –statesman
  • Victor Hugo –novelist
  • Claude Debussy –composer
  • Harry Houdini –Escapist
  • Winston Churchill –Statesman
  • Yuri Gagarin –Astronaut
  • Pierre Cardin –Fashion Designer