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Virgo ~ 23 August – 22 September

Virgo Star Signs
The Virgo Star Sign

Element Earth ~ Quality Mutable ~ Charge Negative ~ Ruling Planet Mercury ~ Day Wednesday ~ Phrase “I analyse”

What does the star sign Virgo mean?

The Virgo Star Sign Personality

Virgo’s are one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. People think they’re fussy, critical bad-tempered and picky but that’s only because they want everything to be perfect. This is the sign of cleanliness, although lots of Virgo’s have the grottiest bedrooms and hang their clothes on the floor. They’re extremely inquisitive and have a dreadful time trying to relax. Virgo’s make fantastic friends. If a minor crisis pops up you can be sure the Virgo will have everything under control in 30 seconds. They are always on the move because they like to learn as much as they can before they take off again. They excel at work so they probably get all the boring jobs (the ones Leo wouldn’t be seen dead doing).

More About Virgo

Virgo’s are highly intelligent, interested in everything and everyone and happy to be busy with many jobs and hobbies. Many have some kind of specialised knowledge and most are good with their hands. Their nit-picking ways can infuriate their colleagues. They find it hard to discuss their innermost feelings and this can make them hard to understand. In many ways, they are happier doing something practical than dealing with relationships. These people can overdo the self-sacrificial bit and make themselves martyrs to other people’s impractical lifestyles. They are willing to fit in with whatever is going on and they can adjust to most things, but they mustn’t neglect their own needs. Although excellent communicators and wonderfully witty conversationalists, Virgo’s prefer to express their deepest feelings by actions rather than words. Most avoid touching all but very close friends and family members and they find lovey-dovey behaviour embarrassing. These people can be very highly sexed and they may use this as a way of expressing love. Virgo’s are criticised a good deal as children and are often made to feel unwelcome in their childhood homes. They, in turn, become very critical of others and they can use this in order to wound.

Many Virgo’s overcome inhibitions by taking up acting, music, cookery or sports. Acting is particularly common to this sign because it allows them to put aside their fears and take on the mantle of someone quite different. They are shy and slow to make friends but when they do accept someone, they are the loyalist, gentlest and kindest of companions. They are great company and have a wonderful sense of humour.

Virgo at Work

If you need something done right, you’ll do it yourself. In fact, you pay attention to all the details and it’s usually those small differences that really set you apart from your competitors. What helps is that you are the practical type and enjoy learning about and doing all the work yourself. Even though you can be slow to catch on to new technologies, once you embrace them, you soon know them inside out. If things start to go bad, you are excellent at getting in there and fixing the situation. You do, however, need to relax from time to time doing the everyday type of work, otherwise, you will soon become too stressed and panicked and not much use at all!

Virgo Compatibility

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    • Kelly

      Hi Mark,

      It can be a confusing thing, but the dates for each sign actually change slightly from year to year. It’s important to remember what sign you were born as, since that won’t change. It fluctuates slightly each year for people who are born this year.

      Wikipedia has extensive information on it if you would like to learn more.

      I hope that helped to answer your question!

    • vickki

      how do you find out what sign you should be by the year you were born. i consider myself to be a virgo, i was born 23/8/67 would this be correct

  1. Greenie

    Why do us Virgo’s come across SO boooring!No EXCITEMENT or FUN just little busy bodies fixing things & making the world go round so everyone else can have FUN la la la lol
    No one will want to know us,live with us! Virgo character info make us look like the horoscope monsters..groowl.
    I believe you are correct, we are very misunderstood boys and girls
    Can you imagine what the world would be like if most people were born Aries and Virgos lol WAR

  2. SJ

    Don’t normally comment on things but read this and completely agree as I am a typical Virgo, the above comment made me laugh as my partner is Aries and when things are good it’s very good but when it’s not then it is war!

  3. Lilian Nkuna

    I agree with you people, i am a virgo and had Aries boyfriend, we were always fighting and i cound not bear that and finally left him.

  4. beckly

    i must say that who ever discovered this is supposed to be credited big time.
    what a wonderful feeling, i am a Virgo.

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