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Libra ~ 23 September – 22 October

Libra Star Signs
The Libra Star Sign

Element Air ~ Quality Cardinal ~ Charge Positive ~ Ruling Planet Venus ~ Day Friday ~ Phrase “I balance”

What does the star sign Libra mean?

The Libra Star Sign Personality

Libras are emotionally impulsive and just love being in love. In fact they can get quite depressed if they feel unwanted. They’re also known as ‘Lazy Libran’ because they don’t like to make decisions. They’re just happy to go with the flow. They’re fantastically beautiful. People will do anything for them. They’re affectionate and sympathetic and intensely interested in people. They love entertaining and lots of good food, which means they’re forever dieting. They’re also the world’s biggest spenders.

More About Libra

Libras have a deceptive appearance, looking soft but being tough and quite selfish underneath. Astrological tradition tells us that this sign is dedicated to marriage but a high proportion of them prefer to remain single, particularly when a difficult relationship comes to an end. These people are great to tell secrets to because they never listen to anything properly and promptly forget whatever is said. The confusion between their desire to co-operate with others and the need for self-expression is even more evident when at work. The best job is one where they are a part of an organisation but able to take responsibility and make their own decisions.

While some Libras are shy and lacking in confidence, others are strong and determined with definite leadership qualities. All need to find a job that entails dealing with others and which does not wear out their delicate nerves. All Libras are charming, sophisticated and diplomatic, but can be confusing for others. All have a strong sense of justice and fair play but most haven’t the strength to take on a determinedly lame duck. They project an image that is attractive, chosen to represent their sense of status and refinement. Being inclined to experiment sexually, they are not the most faithful of partners and even goody-goody Libras are terrible flirts.

Libra at Work

People may think you are a bit of a soft leader because of your charming looks and calming nature, though underneath, you can actually be quite tough and able to make decisions when you need to. Generally though, you enjoy going with the flow and if everything’s running smoothly, then you see no reason to stir things up like some entrepreneurs. You may need to practice a little more patience however as when it does get a bit bumpy you can’t handle too much stress. Don’t just act straight away, take a little time out for some logical thought, simply break down the larger tasks to more manageable tasks and that will get you through those tough times much faster.

Libra Compatibility

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Libra Gift Ideas

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    Libra are really good people as they love being in love as well as fantastically beautiful i love that

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