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Kelly’s Star Signs

This website, is about the personalities of each star sign and the compatibilites between them.  It’s also about helping you to see things from a different perspective and to guide you on your journey in finding yourself.

If you focus on the negative, it ends up being all you can see. What this website tries to do, is to be positive, to inspire and to break down those barriers we all tend to put up around ourselves.

Sometimes all you need is a little reminder that anything in this life is possible.  You can achieve anything you want to, since it all starts with your attitude and how much you believe and want it to happen.

It’s about helping you reach for the stars because your dreams are not out of reach at all, they are residing within you.

Kelly’s Star Signs on Facebook – I try to respond to all messages, so pop over and say hi!

Kelly HunterHi, I’m Kelly and I’m the person behind the Kelly’s Star Signs website.

I live on the Gold Coast, Australia with my husband, kids and a black, fluffy, scottish terrier ‘puppy’ who is 13 years old now.

I’m just an ordinary person who has always had an interest in people and their personalities.

Quite a few people in my family are very spiritual people.  My grandfather was the first to tell me about star signs and described the fascinating personalities of nearly all my relatives to me one Christmas day. My Aunty once did a tarot card reading for me which was so accurate I couldn’t believe it.  Another Aunty also provides reiki healings and the stories she tells about energy are like eerie little miracles.

I used to work in digital marketing but took time off to have kids and am now studying to become a teacher.

Kelly Hunter at Llandudno, Wales, UK

This website receives a bucket load of visitors from the UK.  I visited the UK in 2010 and fell in love with the countryside and the Scottish Highlands in particular, so much that I went back again in 2012!  I love castles, spectacular gardens, coastlines and anything medieval and historical. Being in the UK was like one gigantic history lesson where you get to see and stand in the very places that the action took place. It was fabulous! For my next UK trip (I can dream can’t I?) might be a UK narrowboat holiday for something different. I’m open to ideas though if you have any.

I’m also into photography, gardening and reading fiction books!

I absolutely love setting goals for myself each year.  To be able to dream, plan and then realise your dream is such a powerful thing.  I really believe that if you want to do something you enjoy, that you should just do it. Make it happen! Our fear or doubt usually stops us from doing the things we really want to do, yet our time on this world is a finite thing and these are the things that can make you really happy.  So, I think we should all squash that fear today and just get on with it!

I hope you enjoy your stay here on my website and I’d love to hear from you over on Facebook

Best wishes,

~ Kelly


  1. peter gibson

    Lovely little Scottish Terrier, I would say that of course being of patriotic blood. I have a border collie called Alfie who is just a little gem of a lad. I read if that how you spell it that on one website it says that no 2 Aquarians are the same, is this much true. For instance they say some are messy and unhygienic and others are very tidy and hygienic. So yeah it would be good to hear back from you on this and also i asked an exceedingly long question, or at least left a really long comment on star sign compatibilities with a short question asking you to help answer a question or 2, i hope you have a great day and look forward to possibly receiving a reply. oh yeah for the comment although I’m sorry it was long, there’s just one more thing to add, names. I’m Peter Gibson and my love is called Kristine Lunata if that helps with anything. Anyway i shall leave you in piece, have fun.

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