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Your Favourite Colour

What does your favourite colour say about you?


You are energetic, but it may be the case where you are hard work to handle when you get bossy. Cool down a little and let some turquoise in.



You are excitable and very confident. Maybe you can be a bit too hasty, and in a go-go-go mood sometimes. Avoid this by welcoming more blue in your life.



You are intelligent and like to be sociable. Sometimes though you can be a little immature and domineering. You need more violet in your life.



You are well-balanced and understanding. On occasion you may be a little shy and self-righteous. Exchange some green for pink.



You are friendly, optimistic and capable. Maybe too indecisive though. To cure this look into a little red.



You like to be creative and honest, but you may be lacking in confidence. If this is the case, ease up on the blue a little and try introduce more orange into your life.



You are spiritual and calm, although you can be lazy. Now yellow is probably your least favourite colour, but to make everything balanced, introduce some yellow into your life.



You’re compassionate and clever, but you can be a little too soft a times. You need a lot more green in your life.



You are very spiritual, open minded and you stand out. But you can also be impatient, avoid conflicts and a little selfish. Welcome more white in your life.


White << White

You are smart, intelligent, and somewhat of a goodie-goodie. Although you can also tend to be a bit of a loud mouth while being a semi-loner. Welcome more silver to balance out your life.



You are patient, wealthy, smile alot and shine like the sun while looking out for others. You may be too bright for some people, tend towards black a little.



You can be deeply intuitive and thoughtful, while observing others around you. But you can tend to be a little secretive and keep to yourself, welcome more Gold in your life.