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Leo ~ 24 July – 22 August

Leo Star Signs
The Leo Star Sign

Element Fire ~ Quality Fixed ~ Charge Positive ~ Ruling Planet/Star Sun ~ Day Sunday ~ Phrase “I will”

What does the star sign Leo mean?

The Leo Star Sign Personality

Leos are larger than life – or so they think. Everything is “me first” and if they don’t win, watch out. They have to have all the ideas. If it’s a good one it’s his or hers if it’s a rotten one, it’s someone else’s. They’re very generous and extremely helpful. If you’re feeling a bit low, go to a Leo for some TLC. They love expensive presents and would expect you to leave the price tag on so they can see how much you’ve spent. They love people and you’ll rarely see a Leo by themselves. They hardly ever get moody; in fact, they’re pretty good tempered for a lion.

More About Leo

All Leo’s have high standards and they don’t like to let themselves or anyone else down. They enjoy being seen as a person of substance and status, and prefer to be in a position to help others rather than approaching them cap in hand. Leo’s pride would not allow them to live or work in a situation that they consider as ‘beneath’ them. They are far more comfortable working in an exciting area where they can jet off to glamorous places and influence the more mundane members of planet Earth. Leo’s won’t stand for being treated with contempt or ridicule, but they are very aware of other people’s need for dignity, so they are rarely offensive or hurtful.

Leo’s can become surprisingly downhearted on occasion, but they don’t usually stay depressed for long and their confidence returns fairly quickly. The thing that saves most Leo’s in hard times is their joyful sense of humour.

Leo’s faults include impatience and a tendency to over dramatise problems. They become irritable when things go wrong and quite sarcastic when ill, under pressure or over-tired. Leo’s live in the fast lane, working and playing very hard. However, they must remember to build in some rest and recovery time. They can be pushy parents because they want their children to achieve as much as they have – and exceed it. Leo’s encourage their children to become independent.

Leo’s are generous and kind and will do anything to help others, especially their family. They excel as a family member and enjoy keeping in touch with relatives although are not the type to cling. As a marriage partner, Leo’s are very loyal and dependable, as long as they’re feeling loved and at the centre of the family network. It is very unlikely for Leo’s to have a fling simply out of curiosity, although if they are feeling undervalued and unloved by those around them, it may lead in that direction.

Leo’s love the best of everything. They love to travel to smart places and to holiday in five-star comfort. Their values are traditional and although there are a few rogue Leo’s around who seem to have no standards at all, these are untypical.

Leo at Work

Only the best for you in everything you do with your business. You don’t mind paying a little extra to get quality in return, whether it means hiring the best, buying the best software or using a premier service provider rather than a low-cost alternative. Professional to the extreme, you never sweat the small stuff which helps you to focus and drive the bigger picture. Outwardly you are calm and focused, but you have a tendency to work in the fast lane and don’t waste a second of your time. If you scheduled in some downtime for your family and friends every so often you would be able to establish a better work-life balance.

Leo Compatibility

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Leo Gift Ideas

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  1. Samantha

    I belive what ever the message says about leo’s cause it all discribes my personality as a leo.. Ma birthday is on the 8 August nd I thank God for making me a leo

  2. moshak

    Except for “you rarely see Leo’s by themselves” all the rest is so TRUE and me!!!!! even the “by themselves” bit would be true if there weren’t so many lousy “so called friends”..that’s the only reason I try to keep to my self like a proper LION…but it’s not easy as I am so social…WELL DONE KELLY’S STAR SIGN’S… but I still don’t believe in horoscopes…a Leo without loads of money is just a pussy cat with a loud “ROAR!!!!!!” I love being a LEO !! ALL YOU lEO’S BEAWARE OF VIRGO’S, NO SUCCESS IN THE RELATIONSHIP BUT ALOT OF FUN FOR WHAT THERE WORTH !

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