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The Year of the Ox

Years and Dates for Chinese New Year of the Ox

1901   February, 19 1901 – February 7, 1902   White Metal Cow Year
1913   February,  6 1913 – January 25, 1914   Black Water Cow Year
1925   January, 24 1925 – February 12, 1926   Green Wood Cow Year
1937   February, 11 1937 – January 30, 1938   Red Fire Cow Year
1949   January, 29 1949 –  February 16, 1950   Brown Earth Cow Year
1961   February, 15 1961 – February 4, 1962   White Metal Cow Year
1973   February,  3 1973 – January 22, 1974   Black Water Cow Year
1985   February, 20 1985 – February 8, 1986   Green Wood Cow Year
1997   February,  7 1997 – January 27, 1998   Red Fire Cow Year
2009   January, 26 2009 – January 25, 2010   Brown Earth Cow Year

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Rat ~ Ox Tiger ~ Rabbit ~ Dragon ~ Snake ~ Horse ~ Goat ~ Monkey ~ Rooster ~ Dog ~ Pig

The Ox Personality

Oxen are seen as the big friendly giants of the chinese zodiac thanks to their patient, hard-working and reliable nature.  But don’t mistake the big friendly giant for a dim-witted one. Oxen are quite capable of being creative and thinking for themselves.  Sure, it make take a little longer than most, but the thoughts and ideas themselves are well worth the wait.

Ox are very practical and calm creatures who enjoy familiar surroundings and prefer to follow daily routines.  They are are content to nuture and follow a process in a methodical way and as such they really enjoy gardening, cooking, teaching and even doing figures. Once they get the hang of something, they become ridiculously good at it.  However, in contrast to their calm nature, Oxen can have a sursprisingly quick temper that only comes out if you touch on a sore spot.  Think of showing a red flag at a bull. That’s when the Ox will spring out like a different person where only moments ago, they were pacid and content.

At first, the Ox in love can be hesitant or even stubborn to enter into a relationship, because it means that their routine will change and that they may not be in control of everything anymore. Oxen once they have entered into a relationship can be one of the most loyal and dependable of the zodiac.  They are a straight-forward kind of person and as such, expect their partners to be that way too. But it’s because of this that they also tend to miss some of the more subtle romantic messages making them appear distant.  Don’t despair, because once they embrace the changes to their life that the relationship has brought with it, they will learn to love the way their partner loves it and as with most things the oxen learns, become very good at it.

Balance – Yin
Element – Water


Compatibility with the Ox

Perfect Partners: Rabbit, Rat, Rooster
Nearly Perfect Partners: Snake
Needs Effort: Ox, Monkey, Pig
Learn From Your Differences: Horse, Goat, Dog
Not Your Destiny: Tiger, Dragon

Famous People born in the Year of the Ox

  • Barrack Obama –president
  • George Clooney –actor
  • Richard Gere –actor
  • Princess Diana –princess
  • Meg Ryan –actress
  • Picasso –artist
  • Vincent Van Gogh –artist
  • Bruce Springsteen –musician