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What is a Rising Sign?

What is a Rising Sign?

“Rising” relates to the Sun rising at dawn and having the Sun shining through a star sign constellation just appearing on the horizon.  The star sign constellations move at a rate of roughly 2 hours through the sky and each time it appears on the horizon, it becomes the new rising sign for the next two hours or so.

Your sun sign relates to the constellations and their relationship with the Sun for the entire year, hence it takes longer, roughly 30 days for each sun sign to transition to the next one.

What Does Your Rising Sign Mean in Astrology?

Your rising sign explains the personality that others think you are, when they don’t know you that well. It’s your outward personality. If your sun sign and your rising sign are the same, then people know that what you see is what they get with you. If your sun sign and your rising sign are different as it is with most people, then others may think you are one type of personality, when in fact you are not like that at all when you are relaxed or at home.

Your rising sign can alter some characteristics and personality traits of your sun sign. You may have noticed that no two sun signs are exactly alike in personality. This is because there are many other factors such as your rising sign and whether you are on the cusp of another sign, that affect your star sign characteristics. Your moon sign is another that affects your sun sign’s personality as well.

What is my Rising Sign?

Your rising sign can be found if you know what time of the day you were born.

What’s My Rising Sign? – how to calculate your rising sign

Once you know what your rising sign is, go and read all about that star sign because that is what the stars say about how you are perceived by others when they have just met you!

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