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Career Advice for Teens

We all know how tough it can be on teenagers when at just 15 years of age, they are asked to decide what their lifetime career will be.

Have you ever heard… “The next few years are so important”, “you must choose your career now, and choose your subjects accordingly”. Oh the pressure!

My advice on this page does not come from the stars, it comes from experience. A very wise teacher once told me:

“Choose the subjects you like, and the ones you’re good at”

I took his advice and I haven’t looked back. It’s been awhile since I left school and I’m still not sure what I want to do for the rest of my life. I own and run this website, I studied IT but am now working my way up the Marketing ladder in a career I fell into because I loved it. I have also occasionally taken up part-time studies to learn other skills that interested me and I’m currently saving my pennies so that I can buy an investment property and earn a little bit through that one day.

Believe me, the opportunities are endless and there is ALWAYS a different way to get to the career you want, when you know what you want to do.  There are so many things you can do with your life after school. You name it, you can do it and more often than not, you can make a career from doing it too.

Did you know that the average person changes their career in a major way, three times in their lifetime? So really, you are only choosing your first career. Don’t panic if it’s not everything you thought it would be. That’s what the concept of a mature age student is for.  So you can go back to school whether it be university/college/tafe etc. to learn something different.

And remember…

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

If you enroll in higher education (eg. university, college, tafe) and decide you don’t like where your subjects are heading, simply enroll in another course! It’s become very easy these days for university students worldwide to swap and change courses, degrees and subjects. Sure it might take another year or two before you finish the new course, but what’s two years when faced with the rest of your life?

“A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation,
with the bricks that others throw at him or her.”

Lastly, it takes a huge amount of determination to get you through these tough years. So don’t think it will be an easy ride. I believe that the harder you work during your school years, the more benefit you will receive out of them, in all the years to follow. When I was 15, my mathematics teacher told my whole class, this last phrase about studying and doing homework, and I hope it hits the same spot in you that it did in me at that age.

“the pain of self-discipline,
is easier to bear,
than the pain of regret”

To be honest, I believe this last phrase can be applied in almost all areas of your life.

Work hard and play hard.  Don’t take yourself too seriously, because life can be a long journey and you may as well enjoy it every step of the way.

Good luck and remember, anything is possible!

~ Kelly


  1. Malialyce

    Wow thank you for that Im 15 and just chose a course at collage and the other day a careers adviser told me I couldn’t do the course because I chose it because I thought it sounded good so now I’m like I’ll do what I want and if I don’t enjoy it hey I’ve got the rest of my life. Also that last quote has motivated me to do some rising as it’s 1am on the 1st February 2015 I have 4 months left of school so I best get started. Your website amazing by the way. Whenever I’m shearching something to do with star signs I always go to yours. Thank you, mali x

    • Kelly

      Good on you Mali for choosing something you thought was interesting. Good luck with the rest of your studies this year and I hope you enjoy college!

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