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The Year of the Tiger

Years and Dates for Chinese New Year of the Tiger

1902   February,  8 1902  – January 28, 1903   Black Water Tiger Year
1914   January, 26 1914 – February 13, 1915   Green Wood Tiger Year
1926   February, 13 1926 – February 1, 1925   Red Fire Tiger Year
1938   January, 31 1938 – February 18, 1939   Brown Earth Tiger Year
1950   February, 17 1950 – February 16, 1951   White Metal Tiger Year
1962   February,  5 1962 – February 4, 1963   Black Water Tiger Year
1974   January, 23 1974 – February 10, 1975   Green Wood Tiger Year
1986   February,  9 1986 – February 9, 1987   Red Fire Tiger Year
1998   January, 28 1998 – February 15, 1999   Brown Earth Tiger Year
2010   February, 14 2010 – February 13, 2011   White Metal Tiger Year

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Rat ~ Ox ~ Tiger Rabbit ~ Dragon ~ Snake ~ Horse ~ Goat ~ Monkey ~ Rooster ~ Dog ~ Pig

The Tiger Personality

Tigers are royal creatures of great strength and agility. They can harness their enormous reserve of strength to any cause that they see fit to spend it on, whether it be honorable or impetuous of them to do so.  They have remarkable good fortune and don’t mind taking risks, since they have a knack for always coming out on top.  Although, if a Tiger has had too much good fortune, if there is such a thing, it can often leave them a little arrogant and truth be told, a little selfish too.

Tigers often depict the classic “bad boy” image as they can appear calm and collected on the outside and yet underneath they radiate an aura that leaves no doubt in your mind that they are very aggressive and demanding. Where a lion will make his roar be heard loud and clear, Tigers tend to silently dominate an area without having to say anything at all.  They aren’t all “bad boys” though.  Most Tigers will use their strong will and natural leadership skills to champion a cause very dear to their hearts and have no trouble in rallying more support from friends and family.

The love of outdoors and a sense of adventure runs strong in every Tiger.  They are very independant creatures often enjoying a bit of soul searching or thinking time at a favourite location which is often near trees or a river.  This helps to keep the Tiger centered and focused on their mission or path through life.  In love, a Tiger will demand that they have their personal space and time alone, which their partner should support especially if they want their Tiger to be the courageous and determined person they know.  Usually, Tigers will sweep their lovers off their feet by organising excursions to interesting places and by generally exploring the nature and wildlife in the area.  Tiger’s just love finding new romantic places to enjoy with their partner.  At work they make great leaders due to their good fortune and ability to be unafraid to take risks. They love the chase and so long as there’s a challenge for them to conquer they will be hardworkers.  Tigers are often entreprenuers, politicians, film stars or any type of role that requires a bit of leadership.

Balance – Yang
Element – Wood

Compatibility with the Tiger

Perfect Partners: Horse, Dog, Dragon
Nearly Perfect Partners: Rabbit, Pig
Needs Effort: Rat, Tiger, Goat
Learn From Your Differences: Snake, Rooster
Not Your Destiny: Ox, Monkey

Famous People born in the Year of the Tiger

  • Queen Elizabeth II –queen
  • Marilyn Monroe –actress
  • Steve Irwin –broadcaster & crocodile hunter
  • Sir David Attenborough –broadcaster
  • Jewel Kilcher –musician
  • Ludwig van Beethoven –composer
  • Marco Polo –explorer
  • Sir Richard Branson –businessman