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What Rising Sign Am I?

What Rising Sign Am I?

This page can tell you an estimate of what your rising sign is.  It is based on a sunrise of 6am but we know for a fact that this isn’t the case for the entire world on the same day.

So, if you somehow know the sunrise time on the day you were born, you can adjust the times below until it matches the sunrise on the day of your birth.  eg. if sunrise was at 5:30am when you were born, then take away 30 minutes from every time and then work out which rising sign you are.

What does your rising sign mean? – find out here!

Rising Signs

Find your star sign below and then look up your time of birth to discover what your rising sign is.  Minus an hour if you were born in daylight savings time or war time.


Star Sign: Aries

Time of Birth Rising Sign
4am-6am Aries
6am-8am Taurus
8am-10am Gemini
10am- Noon Cancer
Noon -2pm Leo
2pm-4pm Virgo
4pm-6pm Libra
6pm-8pm Scorpio
8pm-10pm Sagittarius
10pm-12am Capricorn
12am-2am Aquarius
2am-4am Pisces


Star Sign: Taurus

Time of Birth Rising Sign
4am-6am Taurus
6am-8am Gemini
8am-10am Cancer
10am- Noon Leo
Noon -2pm Virgo
2pm-4pm Libra
4pm-6pm Scorpio
6pm-8pm Sagittarius
8pm-10pm Capricorn
10pm-12am Aquarius
12am-2am Pisces
2am-4am Aries


Star Sign: Gemini

Time of Birth Rising Sign
4am-6am Gemini
6am-8am Cancer
8am-10am Leo
10am- Noon Virgo
Noon -2pm Libra
2pm-4pm Scorpio
4pm-6pm Sagittarius
6pm-8pm Capricorn
8pm-10pm Aquarius
10pm-12am Pisces
12am-2am Aries
2am-4am Taurus


Star Sign: Cancer

Time of Birth Rising Sign
4am-6am Cancer
6am-8am Leo
8am-10am Virgo
10am- Noon Libra
Noon -2pm Scorpio
2pm-4pm Sagittarius
4pm-6pm Capricorn
6pm-8pm Aquarius
8pm-10pm Pisces
10pm-12am Aries
12am-2am Taurus
2am-4am Gemini


Star Sign: Leo

Time of Birth Rising Sign
4am-6am Leo
6am-8am Virgo
8am-10am Libra
10am- Noon Scorpio
Noon -2pm Sagittarius
2pm-4pm Capricorn
4pm-6pm Aquarius
6pm-8pm Pisces
8pm-10pm Aries
10pm-12am Taurus
12am-2am Gemini
2am-4am Cancer


Star Sign: Virgo

Time of Birth Rising Sign
4am-6am Virgo
6am-8am Libra
8am-10am Scorpio
10am- Noon Sagittarius
Noon -2pm Capricorn
2pm-4pm Aquarius
4pm-6pm Pisces
6pm-8pm Aries
8pm-10pm Taurus
10pm-12am Gemini
12am-2am Cancer
2am-4am Leo


Star Sign: Libra

Time of Birth Rising Sign
4am-6am Libra
6am-8am Scorpio
8am-10am Sagittarius
10am- Noon Capricorn
Noon -2pm Aquarius
2pm-4pm Pisces
4pm-6pm Aries
6pm-8pm Taurus
8pm-10pm Gemini
10pm-12am Cancer
12am-2am Leo
2am-4am Virgo


Star Sign: Scorpio

Time of Birth Rising Sign
4am-6am Scorpio
6am-8am Sagittarius
8am-10am Capricorn
10am- Noon Aquarius
Noon -2pm Pisces
2pm-4pm Aries
4pm-6pm Taurus
6pm-8pm Gemini
8pm-10pm Cancer
10pm-12am Leo
12am-2am Virgo
2am-4am Libra


Star Sign: Sagittarius

Time of Birth Rising Sign
4am-6am Sagittarius
6am-8am Capricorn
8am-10am Aquarius
10am- Noon Pisces
Noon -2pm Aries
2pm-4pm Taurus
4pm-6pm Gemini
6pm-8pm Cancer
8pm-10pm Leo
10pm-12am Virgo
12am-2am Libra
2am-4am Scorpio


Star Sign: Capricorn

Time of Birth Rising Sign
4am-6am Capricorn
6am-8am Aquarius
8am-10am Pisces
10am- Noon Aries
Noon -2pm Taurus
2pm-4pm Gemini
4pm-6pm Cancer
6pm-8pm Leo
8pm-10pm Virgo
10pm-12am Libra
12am-2am Scorpio
2am-4am Sagittarius


Star Sign: Aquarius

Time of Birth Rising Sign
4am-6am Aquarius
6am-8am Pisces
8am-10am Aries
10am- Noon Taurus
Noon -2pm Gemini
2pm-4pm Cancer
4pm-6pm Leo
6pm-8pm Virgo
8pm-10pm Libra
10pm-12am Scorpio
12am-2am Sagittarius
2am-4am Capricorn


Star Sign: Pisces

Time of Birth Rising Sign
4am-6am Pisces
6am-8am Aries
8am-10am Taurus
10am- Noon Gemini
Noon -2pm Cancer
2pm-4pm Leo
4pm-6pm Virgo
6pm-8pm Libra
8pm-10pm Scorpio
10pm-12am Sagittarius
12am-2am Capricorn
2am-4am Aquarius

What does your rising sign mean? – find out here

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