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Ideal Valentine’s Day Date, According to your Partner’s Zodiac Sign

Valentine's Day

The beginning of the month of love February tickles the heart and soul of every individual. This month of love has something different in its air. The surroundings seem to be blooming with the energy that is on another level.

Interestingly, On February 14th this year, the love symbol Venus is not on the top charts, instead, it is the planet of war, Mars that tops the list. So love birds, beware, protect yourself from getting into an argument with your loved one. I’m sure you don’t want to waste your V-Day making up for your arguments. Also, read today love horoscope.

This Valentine Day seems to a bit restrictive as the planet of love has been bounded by obsessive Pluto and confining Saturn. In this article, we shall get to know the different ideas about planning a perfect Valentine’s Day date with the zodiac signs of your partner so that you end this day of love on a memorable note.


If your partner is an Aries, then know that they are hungry for attention. They love gaining and receiving attention from you. So make sure you notice tiniest details about them at least on V-Day. They want you to trust them so that they can share their personal life with you. Try to find a spot where you two can peacefully spend your day cuddling, unfolding secrets to each other. Aries are the ultimate listeners. Grab some popcorn and begin spilling the beans.


Your partner in Taurus, is a distinctive combination of sensual, sensitive and toughness. If you are in love with them, they intend to keep you for a lifetime. This is not just a passing affair instead, it will last for a lifetime from their side. Your partner loves pampering. It will excite them to infinity if you can spare some money for spa treatments and couple massages. They love eating out in fine dining restaurants. Give them flowers and they are all yours. On a sideline, you can plan to buy some gourmet chocolates.


Woah, you got a sporty partner. Gemini loves gaming. If you are at it too, you two will surely know how to have a great time. They want their soulmates to be their game-mates. This sun sign possesses multiple personalities. They live for long term commitments. Young at heart, Gemini loves to be unpredictable. What turns on a Gemini is the quality conversation
they can set up with their partner. You can go on a movie date. Plan a good sports session together followed by a relaxing evening sipping on some coffee and talking your hearts out.


Cancers as partners are very sensitive and insecure. They take love matters seriously. They need reassurance from you time to time that you love them. Tell them you adore them by spending some good private time. Cozy up with them on the couch, order a pizza and stroke their hair. Set up a conversation saying how much you want them and how happy are you to have them with you. They will love it like anything. Alternatively, you can take them out on a long drive talking about everything under the sun.


You got one heck of a flamboyish partner! Leos love showing off. They are spoilers and they love to spoil. They expect you to bombard them with super expensive gifts. Leos love being in love and they enjoy this phase by sticking deeper than the skin to their partners. They expect things that are fancy. Start the day by giving them a bunch of fresh red roses. Being highly romantic, they would love you to read them a piece of poetry. You can plan a full day out with them surprising them on hourly basis winding up with a good dinner.


Virgos in a relationship are very much analytical. Being old fashioned, they would love to go on a two-person picnic with some packed sandwiches and juice. Sitting under a tree, they might want to relax by listening to old songs. They want a life of full fantasy. They tend to be intelligent, loyal and respectful. Open about your problems to them and they will be all ears for it. Being very practical, they love giving and taking respect. Give them special attention and they are yours. You can also plan to gift them a good novel as they love reading.


Libras are romantic idealists. Charming as they are, they love to party. You have two options that are on different ends. Either take your party animal to have some fun on the dance floor or sit with them in peace and talk to them. Assure them that you need them and tell them how much you love them. They really love to know this. Indulge yourself in good communication to avert getting in an argument.


If you have a Scorpio partner, you may deliver them a memorable day full of love and emotions. Do things that can develop their trust in you. With the versatility they possess, it is easy for you to plan anything you can. They will love it. They expect romance and you should know how to ignite it. You can also arrange for a private affair. A good romantic movie at home or in a theatre is a thumbs up from the universe.


You are lucky if your partner is a Sagittarius. Extroverts as these are, they love to explore and adapt. They always look forward to new and thrilling adventures. If you encourage them, they will do wonders. Be on their side by showcasing your support to them. Plan a romantic getaway where you two can have fun. You can turn this Valentine’s Day as their best one with your minimal efforts.


Capricorns value feelings and emotions over money. You really need to put in efforts(not just money) if you wish to see a smile on their face. Declare your love to them. Try making some handmade pieces. It can be a photo frame or a scrapbook, reminding them about the times you have come through by being together. They love to groom themselves. Think about buying them a self-grooming kit.


Having an Aquarian partner by your side is never-ending fun. They are unpredictable but will value everything you do for them. Try to be their best friend and soulmate at the same time. They love getting into romantic sessions and for them, a good conversation is a romance they want. Connect to them on a soul to soul energy level. In materialistic form, you can gift them something that they can use. It is advised to avoid complications as you two might get into a small fight.


Well you got a compassionate lover in Pisces. They look forward to fantasies and what is better than to fulfil some of them on this special day of love. To give them the best surprise, sweep them off their feet by sparking the romance between you two. An expensive gift will make them the happiest. Security and freedom are what they wish from you. The best idea to spend this day lies in privacy. Get your wine glasses ready and make yourselves comfortable on the couch.

Having known the best ideas about spending your Valentines Day as per the zodiac signs of your partner, we hope that you will have an amazing and memorable Valentine’s day.