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The Year of the Pig

Years and Dates for Chinese New Year of the Pig

1911   January, 30 1911 –  February 17, 1912   White Metal Pig Year
1923   February, 16 1923 – February 4, 1924   Black Water Pig Year
1935   February,  4 1935 – January 23, 1936   Green Wood Pig Year
1947   January, 22 1947 – January 21, 1948   Red Fire Pig Year
1959   February,  8 1959 – January 27, 1960   Brown Earth Pig Year
1971   January, 27 1971 – February 14, 1972   White Metal Pig Year
1983   February, 13 1983 – February 1, 1984   Black Water Pig Year
1995   January, 31 1995 – February 18, 1996   Green Wood Pig Year
2007   February, 18 2007 – February 5, 2008   Red Fire Pig Year
2019   February,  5 2019 – January 24, 2020   Brown Earth Pig Year

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Rat ~ Ox ~ Tiger ~ Rabbit ~ Dragon ~ Snake ~ Horse ~ Goat ~ Monkey ~ Rooster ~ Dog ~ Pig


The Pig Personality

Pigs are viewed as very lucky creatures. Who wouldn’t want to eat till their belly is full, sleep till they can sleep no more and not have a worry in the world? Pigs always put in 100% of their energy and strength towards everything they do in life. There’s no halfway house for a Pig, it’s all or nothing and this makes them very gallant, loyal and dedicated beings.

Pigs are comfort-loving creatures who always manage to find the fun and pleasurable things in life. Their home is very cozy with soft-pillowed couches, thick cushiony carpets and all sorts of comfortable furnishings. They always choose comfort over decoration and can’t get enough of it!

Even though Pig’s seem to be a touch slower than most, it’s really that they are just being careful and they will often come up with the most obvious solution to a problem. Sure enough they tend to excel at practical tasks as well as logical or technical tasks and anything that requires physical work.

They dislike arguments and will remain kind to their loved ones no matter how bad it gets. Pigs wear their heart on their sleeve, so it becomes very obvious when they are in love. They don’t talk much and they hardly complain about anything. Only when they are pushed to the very limits will they show that they have a fierce side. Pigs don’t normally make many friends, but the ones they do make often become friends for life because they have a knack for seeing and bringing out the best in people.

Balance – Yin
Element – Water


Compatibility with the Pig

Perfect Partners: Rabbit, Goat, Dog
Nearly Perfect Partners: Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Monkey, Rooster
Needs Effort: Ox, Horse
Learn From Your Differences: Pig
Not Your Destiny: Snake

Famous People born in the Year of the Pig

  • Elton John –singer
  • Ernest Hemingway –writer
  • Lucille Ball –actress
  • Ronald Reagan –actor/president
  • Dudley Moore –comedian/actor
  • King Henry VIII –monarch
  • Richard Attenborough –filmmaker
  • Humphrey Bogart –actor