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The Year of the Snake

Years and Dates for Chinese New Year of the Snake

1905   February, 4 1905   Green Wood Snake Year
1917   January, 23 1917   Red Fire Snake Year
1929   February, 10 1929   Brown Earth Snake Year
1941   January, 27 1941   White Metal Snake Year
1953   February, 14 1953   Black Water Snake Year
1965   February, 2 1965   Green Wood Snake Year
1977   February, 18 1977   Red Fire Snake Year
1989   February, 6 1989   Brown Earth Snake Year
2001   January, 23 2001   White Metal Snake Year
2013   February, 10 2013   Black Water Snake Year
2025   January, 29 2025   Green Wood Snake Year
2037   February, 15 2037   Red Fire Snake Year

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Year of the Snake, Chinese New Year

The Snake Personality

Imagine a snake slowly slithering along, pausing for a moment to consider the best possible path to take and then realising that path contains a threat. It quickly strikes at the threat and can now move on as calm and careful as before, unhindered in their progress. This tells us more than we realise about the chinese zodiac snake personality.

Snakes are intelligent, very analytical and have loads of self control. It may seem like snakes are a bit slow to speak but this doesn’t mean that they are slow to think or act. Typically, they prefer to think deeply about a situation or topic, make plans and only speak with great care. However, if it is required of them, they can be very quick and are quite capable of removing any obstacles in their path, to achieve their goals.

Snakes prefer quiet times rather than being overly busy, which means plenty of snakes can be found with their nose in a book and delegating extra work to others. They love puzzles and anything that makes them think. Snakes often stop to smell the roses and appreciate beauty in the world around them. They can find beauty in the most unusual of places and to them, it’s like finding a sweet slice of heaven. At work, snakes are efficient, creative and very organised. They will do something with minimum fuss and in the most cost-effective way. However they can get bored once they put a system in place and will want to move onto the next opportunity where they can be of assistance.

In relationships, snakes certainly know how to be charming and how to seduce another. They have an uncanny knack for getting what they want. Usually planning the first move and thinking about it well before it happens. Communicating feelings and thoughts is not something a snake feels comfortable doing and can get quite jealous at times. Because of this, they are best paired with partners who are very perceptive and loyal to them.

Balance – Yin
Element – Fire


Compatibility with the Snake

Perfect Partners: Rabbit, Dragon, Rooster
Nearly Perfect Partners: Rat, Ox, Goat
Needs Effort: Snake, Dog
Learn From Your Differences: Tiger, Horse
Not Your Destiny: Monkey, Pig


Famous People born in the Year of the Snake

  • Edgar Allan Poe -writer
  • Mohandas K. Gandhi –political leader
  • Pablo Picasso –artist
  • John F. Kennedy –US President
  • Bob Dylan –singer/songwriter
  • Oprah Winfrey –TV personality
  • Queen Elizabeth I –monarch
  • Brad Pitt –actor