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Star Sign Compatibility

To check your star sign compatibility, click on the star signs below:

Aries ~ Taurus ~ Gemini ~ Cancer ~ Leo ~ Virgo ~ Libra ~ Scorpio ~ Sagittarius ~ Capricorn ~ Aquarius ~ Pisces

Please Note: Always remember that anything is possible! This is a guide for how well certain signs get along with each other. I’d never let differing star signs get in the way of a perfectly happy and loving relationship and neither should you!
~ Kelly

Star signs compatible with Aries

Perfect Partners:Leo, Sagittarius
Nearly Perfect Partners:Gemini, Aquarius
Like Minded Souls:Aries
Opposites You’re Attracted To:Virgo, Scorpio
Learn From Your Differences:Pisces, Taurus
Not Your Destiny:Cancer, Capricorn
Astrological Hell:Libra

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Star signs compatible with Taurus

Perfect Partners:Virgo, Capricorn
Nearly Perfect Partners:Cancer, Pisces
Like Minded Souls:Taurus
Opposites You’re Attracted To:Libra, Sagittarius
Learn From Your Differences:Aries, Gemini
Not Your Destiny:Leo, Aquarius
Astrological Hell:Scorpio

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Star signs compatible with Gemini

Perfect Partners:Libra, Aquarius
Nearly Perfect Partners:Aries, Leo
Like Minded Souls:Gemini
Opposites You’re Attracted To:Scorpio, Capricorn
Learn From Your Differences:Taurus, Cancer
Not Your Destiny:Virgo, Pisces
Astrological Hell:Sagittarius

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Star signs compatible with Cancer

Perfect Partners:Scorpio, Pisces
Nearly Perfect Partners:Taurus, Virgo
Like Minded Souls:Cancer
Opposites You’re Attracted To:Sagittarius, Aquarius
Learn From Your Differences:Gemini, Leo
Not Your Destiny:Aries, Libra
Astrological Hell:Capricorn

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Star signs compatible with Leo

Perfect Partners:Aries, Sagittarius
Nearly Perfect Partners:Gemini, Libra
Like Minded Souls:Leo
Opposites You’re Attracted To:Capricorn, Pisces
Learn From Your Differences:Cancer, Virgo
Not Your Destiny:Scorpio, Taurus
Astrological Hell:Aquarius

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Star signs compatible with Virgo

Perfect Partners:Taurus, Capricorn
Nearly Perfect Partners:Cancer, Scorpio
Like Minded Souls:Virgo
Opposites You’re Attracted To:Aries, Aquarius
Learn From Your Differences:Leo, Libra
Not Your Destiny:Gemini, Sagittarius
Astrological Hell:Pisces

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Star signs compatible with Libra

Perfect Partners:Gemini, Aquarius
Nearly Perfect Partners:Leo, Sagittarius
Like Minded Souls:Libra
Opposites You’re Attracted To:Taurus, Pisces
Learn From Your Differences:Virgo, Scorpio
Not Your Destiny:Cancer, Capricorn
Astrological Hell:Aries

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Star signs compatible with Scorpio

Perfect Partners:Cancer, Pisces
Nearly Perfect Partners:Virgo, Capricorn
Like Minded Souls:Scorpio
Opposites You’re Attracted To:Aries, Gemini
Learn From Your Differences:Libra, Sagittarius
Not Your Destiny:Leo, Aquarius
Astrological Hell:Taurus

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Star signs compatible with Sagittarius

Perfect Partners:Aries, Leo
Nearly Perfect Partners:Libra, Aquarius
Like Minded Souls:Sagittarius
Opposites You’re Attracted To:Taurus, Cancer
Learn From Your Differences:Scorpio, Capricorn
Not Your Destiny:Virgo, Pisces
Astrological Hell:Gemini

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Star signs compatible with Capricorn

Perfect Partners:Taurus, Virgo
Nearly Perfect Partners:Scorpio, Pisces
Like Minded Souls:Capricorn
Opposites You’re Attracted To:Gemini, Leo
Learn From Your Differences:Sagittarius, Aquarius
Not Your Destiny:Aries, Libra
Astrological Hell:Cancer

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Star signs compatible with Aquarius

Perfect Partners:Gemini, Libra
Nearly Perfect Partners:Aries, Sagittarius
Like Minded Souls:Aquarius
Opposites You’re Attracted To:Cancer, Virgo
Learn From Your Differences:Capricorn, Pisces
Not Your Destiny:Taurus, Scorpio
Astrological Hell:Leo

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Star signs compatible with Pisces

Perfect Partners:Cancer, Scorpio
Nearly Perfect Partners:Taurus, Capricorn
Like Minded Souls:Pisces
Opposites You’re Attracted To:Leo, Libra
Learn From Your Differences:Aries, Aquarius
Not Your Destiny:Gemini, Sagittarius
Astrological Hell:Virgo

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  1. Pixie

    haha I married a Libra and i am a gemini…we married in October 2010 Divorced November 2011 am now with a cancer and have never been this happy…

    • Anonymous

      Librans and Geminis have excellent understanding but librans diplomacy can put the relationship into trouble at times and also geminis mood swings and instant thought changes but none the less they really balance it nicely. The problem in your case maybe would have been the moon signs of you both otherwise gemini and libra are a made for each other equation.

  2. Kerry

    I am only 28 and have been single for 2 years. I am a pisces and do not seem to be very lucky in the romance department. Where am I going wrong? 3 times I have felt a connection with guys who are also pisces but has never really come to anything. Please give me some advice

  3. kim

    I’m a pisces and my bf is a virgo, it says Astrological Hell but we have been in love for 2 years and still going very very strong!!

    • lyndsey

      I am pisces too and every guy i meet is usually a virgo but i do get bored after a bit though, ive always been good friends with virgo my dad is virgo he’s my best mate. I think aquarius has been the worse so far – too cold for us. I am meeting Scorpio at the moment, lookwise he’s not my usual type but he keeps me very interested haha.

  4. Imogen

    I am a female Virgo and I’ve got to say I fell in deep love with a pisces but it never worked out. I had the same sort of feeling for a cancer and it never worked out. Out of all the signs I wasn’t besotted by Libra but they were more stable and suitable for a Virgo lady like myself. I am very happy now with my Libra man although the virgo women will never be happy lol.

  5. liadh

    ys me and my best friend are exactly the same but it says that “learn from your differences ” i guess she needs to be less shy and tell how she feels and i need to be more shy and let her have her say

  6. Philip

    Hi I’m a Taurus I was married to a Scorpio for 13 Years (Love at First Sight). Very Firey, Unbeliveabley Close Most of the time then pure hell in cycles. It did not help that she was diagnosed Bi Polar soon after we were married. Sadly I’ve been a widower now for 12 Years still single, still in love with her even though the relationship distroyed me.

    • Kelly

      Over time, our life experiences help to shape who we are. They become a piece of the pie that makes us whole. I don’t think you are destroyed at all Philip. I think you have a very strong and insightful spirit that will ultimately guide you to do the very things that bring you joy and happiness into your life.

    • robito

      Philip. I married a Gemini (astrological hell for a Sagittarius) and yeh, it didn’t work out. I believe something positive comes out of every situation (Sagittarius optimism) but at the time I couldn’t for the life of me imagine what that might be.

      Later I find out what it was. I learnt a lot about myself, my personality and what I did right and wrong, and it helped me to realise what I want and dont want from my next relationship.

      My advice is concentrate on what you loved about the girl you married and look for those qualities in someone else. But try to put your relationship in the past cause NOW is the only time that really counts 🙂

    • David

      Bless you Philip!

      I know how you feel!…I lost my partner nearly two years ago from Ovarian cancer I loved her with all my heart and soul!…we were together for 16 years!..!she was Pisces and I am Libra, I will be hers forever!


    • Kelly

      Of course! That’s where it all begins… you have your whole life ahead of you to learn all about the crazy little thing called love!

    • Alex

      Oh yeah this is true. I’m in love with a Capricorn and I had Leo girlfriends but they all didn’t work out. Libras I like them but I cuoldn’t be in a relationship with one. She is too social. I like aquarius but its not enough for me. Cancers I love them too but those chicks get a Lil crazy. My Aries girl was ok but she didn’t last long enough. I cant stand a Pices, Gemnis, or Sagitarius. I haven’t had a Tarius, Scorpio or another Virgo yet..

  7. Sas

    well i was previously engaged to a Taurus. but we split up after 3 and a half years. i am now with a sagittarius whom i have known for 10 years…. but we argue like.. nearly every day and my ex (the Taurus) wants me back… any suggestions? confused.

    • Kelly

      You might need to give yourself some space. Time to heal and think about what you want out of life. Once you work out these things, the answer to confusing situations becomes much clearer. All the best Sas!

    • Luc

      You should definitely return to your ex (the Taurus) because being a Taurus we tend to protect and love and try to give harmony and we hate arguments and we’re so loyal in the relationship!! once we choose one person there’s not searching else where

  8. jesy

    Hi,I’m a Libra and since i become an adult i have not got a stable relationship. i have gone out with an Aquarius but things were not really working out for us.

  9. Alicia-MArie

    I went out with a Capricorn= diaster, then went out with an Aquarius= even worse lol and then met a Virgo and we’d flirt everytime we met, not we’re together… 🙂 we make ia difficult for eachother as I knew it would be haha… playful and love him very much 😀 together 6 months now and I’m Very happy, I know he is too though he doesnt let on just like I do, but we’ve both been hurt 😀 xx

  10. dave

    i am libra- only just 21st oct. my partner is capricorn – only jusy 22 dec. should i be worried? libra and sagittarius are compatible as are scorpio and capricorn, but not libra and capricorn

  11. alice

    i m an Aries and i was in a relationship wid a pisces first , then things became boring .. no adventure and i broke up … then i entered into a relationship with a libra but like mentioned above , it was damn hell . i dont know how to take or react to such instances ,,, i thought it was love but it was meagerly attraction . both these relationships lasted for about 1.5 years each , consecutively . and yeah acording to my kundli , i m a MANGLIK so i need to marry a guy who is a manglik . i dont know how to react to my love life ???
    please help .

  12. alice

    if this info helps then my bdate’s 22nd march 1995 at 6.15pm .
    my best friend is A LIBRA and has proposed me soo many times . i dnt wanna hurt him but i cant as well enter into a relationship with him . .
    is libra good for me , myself being ab aries …
    we r best of friends with an excellent bond since last 4 years ..
    pls help kelly .

  13. Spiffy

    I am dating a libra and a taurus at the moment and both wants to marry me.i love both but i don’t know who would be compatible to spend a lifetime with.pls reply

  14. Pisces

    Help me. How can I get a Vigro to stop hating me?
    I’m Pisces.
    Or how do I get a Capricorn to be with me again when Vigro is blocking the way?

    • SG

      I know this was posted a long time ago so I’m sure you figured it out by now but I just have to say…You can’t MAKE anyone have feelings for you! Trust me I’ve tried, I’m a Pisces too and no matter how much you maybe in love with someone you can’t force anything. Peoples feelings change & there is nothing you can do about it. You will just drive yourself crazy trying to force someone to like you. If its meant to be they wont let you go.

  15. James

    I’m a Gemini and am in love with a Capricorn who does not return my feelings and I truly do love her but as I said she doesn’t return my feelings other than try and move on what can I do we have been best friends for years now we were good friends In primary but have become even greater friends since and I am truly confused about what to do. Any advice would be great thanks.

    • maria

      I am a capricorn, we have very high expectations when it comes to our life long partners. If she loves you she will fall deep, she may be scared. The best thing to do is to find out how she feels and take it from there.

      Good luck 🙂

  16. Sarah

    I was born on the 22/12/1979. In most sites I am a Capricorn, but I have more sagittarian traits and these two signs can be opposites! Who would be my ideal partner?

  17. charlie

    am a libra n in love with a scorpio we hurt each other now n again n we always feel deep feelings for each other is it possible for us to be happy cos at times it turns very bad oh maybe its not our destiny pls kelly help me!

  18. Bernadeth Perez Rentoy

    Hi Kelly, I really really want to believe all these wonderful things about Capricorn being compatible with Virgo ’cause I have this friend, he is Virgo and confesses that he likes me very much but sometimes I just don’t understand him. If we’re out on a date, he is so expressive of his feelings towards me, but whenever I text him because I miss him, he would not reply. Can there really be something special going on? The fact that we have kissed already, every time we’re out on a date? Should I continue going out on a date with him? I’m just so scared that if I go out with him one more time or so, I might fall too deeply for him without realizing he’s not into me.

    • Amanda

      I am a Libra & was married to a Virgo for 18 yrs it was pure hell … Now I find myself dating & feeling for another Virgo … I find myself backing off because don’t want to go down that road again …simply because he is a Virgo ??

    • Ann Phan

      Dear Paul,
      You must be a virgo, right? So can you tell me when a virgo man loves someone, how he acts? So much thanks to you 🙂

  19. Marie

    I have been out with two Virgo Men, both have been a roller coaster both times.
    I’m easy going too.
    I’m Pices

  20. Marie

    I have been out with two Virgo Men, both have been a roller coaster both times.
    I’m easy going too.
    Pisces girl

    • SG

      Ha! been there done that….good luck. It can,…but he/she will have to be sensitive and understanding. Aries tend to be selfish and abrasive. Just be careful. An Aries broke my heart. I later realized he was not the one for me and fell in love with a cute cancer. 🙂

    • SG

      I’m a Pisces….speaking for myself we like fun/funny people that give us attention and love. Oh and down to earth. But you can’t make someone fall in love with you!!! There has to be a connection. Good luck & don’t force it k 🙂

    • Karen

      You cant help it and you will always fall in love with Libra girls. Its the same for me (Libra) and the Aries boys. I just find them so darn attractive. And yes its hell because you are complete opposites in many ways.

    • Shahzeb

      Yes bro, I also like Libra girls but many times I don’t have a good match with Libra’s girls
      Very less Libra I have seen who have good understanding with me 🙂
      I have read about aries n libra that sometimes they are really good n sometimes they are really bad for each other.

  21. Abby

    haaaaa?! I’m a Sagittarius but I like someone who is a Virgo… does that mean our relationship will fail just because of a star sign incompatibility?

    The only other people I’m interested in right now are a Libra, Scorpio and another Sagittarius.
    The Libra rejected me. And the Sagittarius is pretty clear in maintaining that we are just friends.


  22. Fyreflies

    Pisces are all crazies.

    I’m a Gemini, and I’m head over heels for a sagittarius. He has what I don’t have, and I like it like that.

    Left my over-emotional, always “me” Pisces ex. UGH.

    • SG

      Ha! I’m a Pisces & I went out with a Gemini,…It lasted maybe a week or two. We hung out like 3 or 4 times, he bored the crap out of me and we just completely stopped talking. Nether of us cared at all that we never saw or talked to each other again. (It was always awkward too) I agree these signs are Not a good match…(but we are not all crazy just like I’m sure your not all boring):)

  23. Jen/ Aquarius

    I am an Aquarius and have been dating a Libra. The first time we met it was an instant attaction but the relationship is a rollercoaster. I am straight forward, get to the point and get over it. But he blows up about little things and tries to avoid the fact or any conversation that it just happened. I can never tell what he wants and it drives me nuts, I don’t even know if he knows. The first thing he ever said was I don’t want a relationship but I only want to be with you. It is like our relationship is on hold but neither of us wants to give up on it. I feel that I need to leave him alone until he makes up his mind but i’m not i said he can be confusing. I feel very strongly for him and would like the relationship to work, when its good its real good but when its bad its just chaos. Is this normal for a libra and aquarius relationship?

  24. Martha

    I’m a Pisces and he is a Leo never again
    They are such control freaks . Has anybody been out with a Leo and do you agree with me?


    • FishMan

      Defintely! as a a piscean male the 2 signs I’ve had problems with are Gemini (who are so non deep and easily distracted/bored/self absorbed) and Leo (who are bossy, controlling and constantly seeking reassurance and ego boosting, but not in a calm gentle way that pisces would like it).

      If you are pisces I say go for another pisces or a scorpio. With a scorpio woman just make sure you protect your heart a bit cos when she does a number on you it will really screw you up, but if you don’t hurt her, she will be the best spiritual/romantic/deep connection a pisces male could have.

  25. mark

    im a scorpio and im in love with an aries. we both love each other deeply. im 49 she is 55 can it work??? as i think love has no boundarys

  26. Donna

    I’m a Sagittarius and married to a Scorpio. been together for nearly 10 years and still don’t have a clue to who he is, never known a person to be so secretive. It’s a nightmare lol any one got the same problem ???

  27. ouiouiz

    i’m a libra born in 10/15/1981 and married a scorpio born in 11/21/1971
    i’m living a pure hell …i hate the day that a met him..
    at first he was so charming and after two months ….the torture now i have a baby with him which makes things very dificult….
    never deal with a scorpio! they are baaaaaaaad

  28. Fred

    Im a Sagittarius and I have been really good friends with a Capricorn. The weird thing is however that it is starting to feel like a relationship, and it even feels like one. We have the biggest most blown out of preportion fights, it seems like we could kill each other. The girl has even made me cry for crying in a bucket. And yet sometimes we get along so well sometimes that i feel like i could just fall in love with her. But it is so disfunctional and , sheis so abusive at times that i dont even know what i want from this. Weve tried ending our friendship, but its like some magnetic or cosmic thing just keeps us together like we have this emotional connection that cant go away. I cant live my life with her but I cant live it without her. I know what your thinking for just a friendship it sure as hell sounds a lot like a disfunctional relationship. We have talked about it and both say we dont feel anymore for each other, could it be that we do feel more, but weve learned to suppress it due to the disfunctionality, Or are our starsigns just tooo different to even be friends.

    • Renee I

      Fred, when or if you get a response from Kelly, I would like to know her reply. We are the same sign and so are our mates. Good luck.

    • Kelly

      Very unique situation Fred. I sense that your lives are so entangled with each others that sometimes one of you steps over the boundary which then causes the fights? It’s important to know who you are and what you like doing, without anyone else in your life. If you don’t know this, you probably need some space or distance to figure it out. There’s nothing wrong with having such a close friendship, but when that friendship prevents you from finding love or at least trying, then it can be quite toxic and not healthy for either of you, especially if you have already agreed it’s strictly platonic. You need to MAKE time to do things for yourself. Only then, will you become less dependent upon this person and less likely to get entwined emotionally. Good luck!

  29. Celeste

    I’m a Leo and my friend’s a Taurus(she’s a girl) and well, It didn’t work out to well. Then I have two other guy-friends Cancer and a Virgo, and I have a crush on both of them. I just hope our friendship doesn’t crumble and fall.

  30. SG

    I’m a Pisces & fit the description perfectly. I dated an Aries(cuz I was very attracted to him)we were way too different(he was very selfish/egotistical) It did not work out! I dated a Scorpio, he was cool and we had a lot of fun together. He was older and had no intention of ever settling down so it came to an end. Still friends tho. Then I found my super cute Crab!! 🙂 Perfect! I am sooo in love with him and we are engaged to be married! (he also fits his description to a T)…for those of you looking for love be patient. I’m 26, dated a lot of jerks & moved across the country before I found my match.

  31. moshak

    A Leo’s story. 1st partner Gemini = hell on earth 2nd partner Virgo = loads of fun but doomed to failure as she was Queen Narcistica & I run out of things to give, but learned alot about people. Next 5 relationships all in a row were comly Virgo’s but I’m no “sucker” to commit into falling into the same trap twice (it was amazing how all I came across was “honey trap Virgo’s”, to the point I took it for granted it was my unavoidable lot) After discovering the power of prayer and doing loads of it, I met the rarest of all breeds a “SAGITARIUS” got on like a house on fire it was heavenly and bliss. All I wanted in a relationship was in this person except for one vital exception, SAGITARIUS was a bloke! hence,a carry on with the quest for life …now still eluded by fate for my true desire “Miss Sagitarius” I’m with an Aries I’ve got the essential loyalty and care but somethings happened to the sex…as the old sage said “You’d be crazy to think Heaven is a place on earth, and your sure not getting their without a trial”

  32. amy

    Im a Libra and was with a Gemini for several years. Supposedly a great match but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Gemini men tend to be very selfish and seem to enjoy throwing their toys out the pram! We only lasted so long because of our child. Am now with a Virgo man and it really doesn’t get much better than this!

  33. Angharad

    Hi there,

    Some thoughtful comments here folks and a nice summary of compatability from Kelly. Learn from your differences is an interesting idea as you have to survive killing the other half first :-). If you can get past that then you’re on your way!


  34. Danielle

    would like to thank astrology and fate for giving me the ‘Perfect Partner: Capricorn’ and releasing me from ‘Astrological Hell: Scorpio’

  35. Janet


    I was seeing a Leo which probably explains why it didnt work out great for passion but we are both too stubborn!!

    I have just started dating a Scorpio man and I am scorpio myself hopefully a good match?

  36. SC


    I am dating a Leo and i am a Capricorn in some and Aquarius in other im the 20th January is this a good match? we are very alike in many ways and it is going really good 🙂


    • someoneorother

      I love funny little coincidences! I’m a Leo and dating a Capricorn and we are both very alike as well (despite what the websites say).

      seeing this made me happy 🙂

  37. Martha

    Does Leo and pisces the perfect match., dated hi for a while
    To much of a control freak. This will never work out
    Way er and fire . Who agrees ?

  38. Libby

    I am a Pisces and am always finding myself falling for people who end up all being Taurus and have never felt more in love with anyone else then i have with these very few people, however it never ends up working out which makes sense that they are ‘nearly perfect partners’. I have been seeing a Cancer otherwise, he is the most amazing person however, im not quite in love and do not feel this same way as i do with the Taurus, even though they are supposedly meant to be the ‘perfect partners’… I wonder if love should not be the only defining aspect of a relationship and if its better to simply find a person who is good for you and not only rely on the attraction?


    My starsign is Taurus and I am in love with a girl with a Pisces star sign, which i tend to spend the rest of my life with, pls dear Kelly, could you tell exactly what may be the outcome of the relationship in future

    • robito

      it says you guys are a perfect match … so enjoy every moment now and dont worry about the future 🙂

  40. enigma

    I have had Kellys star signs on my favourites for ages,years I am sure. I am a divorced Piscean woman and everytime I arrange to meet someone or start chatting (dating sites) I ALWAYS refer to ‘Kelly’.. and so far all of the compatitbilty checks have been pretty accurate… I seem to meet Leo’s but they are so secretive, another piscean should have been the perfect match…it was, until his real sensitive side controlled the relationship.. I have yet to meet a taurean (never come across one male ever….. and my Mum was a Taurean and she was my best friend…. Currently chatting to a virgo………but…. contrary to Kelly he seems ok….lets hope he has Taurus rising …. Happy New Year and trust Kelly..

    • FishMan

      It has the potential to be a great match, of course other factors come in than just star signs (or even sun signs, the rest of the chart is an issue too). Scorpio and Pisces can be beautiful together so long as there’s trust and honesty. If you are like me (a fellow pisces) perhaps you felt at times a bit insecure about your more confident (on the exterior) Scorpio partner. They are also fixed and do not adapt easily like us fish. This can be a complete chore to live with as we always see ourselves sacrificing for them, only to see them being somewhat hypocritical and requesting freedom, having secrets, doing what they want, going where they like, “being themselves”, stubborn and blaming. While pisces takes it all on the chin over and over until enough is enough. When the pisces finally stands their ground, at first it impresses the scorpio (as few signs ever stand up/connect with scorpio that way) but once pisces realises this power they too can abuse it, being a little more verbally aggressive than needed in dramatic situations for example. That leads to scorpios underlying sensitivity/insecurities to be triggered and then they go into full on protection mode (or if you are really unlucky, stinging mode!). After that the scorpio will find many excuses to blame situations on you, while you try from the heart to be heard, they will rationalise and go hot/cold where once they were your closest ally and soul mate.

      It’s sad, most of all for the scorpio who won’t realise what they are losing, pushing away, closing down from, until a long time after the pisces has swam away for calmer waters.

      I’m sorry your relationship didn’t work out, neither did mine, but I do know I never had a connection as complete as with a scorpio woman, nor her me. We just ended up letting our differences (not our similarities) dictate our fate and ruin us. Something a pisces is more than capable of working around and hoping to sort but a scorpio is somewhat more steadfast and once they make up their mind, that’s it. Thankfully for pisces they have an amazing ability to adapt after a short period of despair, and move on OK.

    • Kiran singh

      Very true, I am a piscean and my ex is a Scorpio and we never were happy. I am just on my way to divorce him and put him through hell like he did to me all these years. He used me to get his PR in Australia. He was a student from Punjab India. These guys use the girls here to get married and later they show their true colors. I just hate them.

  41. Sam

    i love your website, and the compatibility page couldn’t be more accurate… Am a cancerian woman and been with my scorpio man nearly 3 years, couldn’t think of a better match for me than him <3 And also have a pisces sister – she is my best friend and we are so close 🙂

  42. chilled out

    I’m a Gemini girl but I was born 2 months early because I’m a triplet, and I should have been a Leo,I don’t really have many gemini traits either although I can see them in my brother. The guy I really like is a Sagittarius (astrological hell with gemini) does the fact that I should have been a Leo change anything as leo and sagittarius are ‘perfect partners’? thanks

  43. Kathryn Narraway

    I’ve liked a guy for a few months now and he has never noticed me. (He is a Sagittarius and I’m an Aries) what am I doing wrong? 🙁

  44. Bethan Fairbrother

    I am a virgo and my boyfriend is a libra, it says for us both that we must learn from our differences which i find spooky as recently we had a huge discussion resolving all of our differences, also the description of a virgo seems about right for me…

  45. anne

    Im aquarius and my bf is taurus 4 months in a relationship. Feels like he’s bored at me he’s actually 41yrs. And im 22 yrsOld he had 2 kids he divorced his ex wife last 4yrs. Ago if I am not mistaken. He’s actually my boss, before our relationship starts and i decided to leave my work because he said I have to do it. At first it was so blast and good for me but time as goes by our relationship was something I don’t understand I do stay at his home because he wanted me to stay at his home. Living with them actually toture at first I dont know what’s thier lifestyle they are korean actually and I am filipina. It’s totally hard how to a company with them. Specially kids plus the some matter and everthing. Like he ask me to have him another gf or more even our maid he’s trying to hook her in front of me I was so upset. Why some people didn’t know the sensitivity of their partner? Where is the word respect? Are they know? Gaaahhh! Makes me feel terrible.. I do not know what to do pls. Help me what am I supposed to do how can I solv this.

    Thanks in advanced!
    More power to you kelly!
    I m looking forward to read your opinion.

    • Kelly

      Hi Anne, what I try to do in tough situations is work out what I want to do in life. What’s most important for me and what will make me happy. It sounds selfish, but you really do have to look after yourself and make choices for you. Otherwise we end up living a life we don’t even want. I hope you are able to follow your own dreams Anne. All the best – Kelly

  46. Sadgemini

    I am a Gemini, and my husband is a Scorpio. We have been married for 10 years and have been through it all, death of family members, chronic illnesses, etc.. He has never really been there for me. Sometimes it feels so backwards with him, because I am the one who gets possessive, has depth, am very loyal, and is the home-body… and he’s the one who’s never content, lacks depth, always wants freedom to do whatever he wants, and isn’t trustworthy. I base so much on trust in a relationship, that it’s so hard for me to live with all his secrecy. He has hurt me countless number of times, with all of his shenanigans, that I all I want to do is run far away from the lies and pain he causes, but he won’t let me go nor will he be good to me. So, he clipped my wings to just torment me forever? Can Scorpios ever simply love and accept love? I used to think he was my soul mate, but now based on what I know, it seems he’s just a soul consumer.

  47. neha

    im aries and he is taurus.. we always fight.. he is stuboorn and demanding.. i donno.. i love him very much.. bt dosnt seem workin.. im tired of crying over fights..!!

    is there a solution????

  48. Alisha-Ventra

    hello there guys. i am Scorpio. i know we can be stubborn.
    i’m not sure if i believe in this stuff but i can tell you i am very curious.
    see i was really attracted to Capricorn whom really never showed me any feelings whatsoever which was really hard to be stay in a relationship because usually i want to know what they’re thinking. however i am currently in a relationship with a Leo, which is going great by the way. we may have some few differences but im getting a little scared he isn’t my “perfect match” i don’t know where am i really going with this but i would want to know if this could be true will i have a better chance with a Capricorn than i will with a Leo?

    • Kelly

      Hi Alisha-Ventra,

      It’s ultimately a guide for how well each star sign will get along with the other star signs. It’s 100% possible for you to find your best match in a star sign that might not be rated as “perfect match”. I should know, I’m happily married to my astrological hell!

      Follow your heart and if you’re both happy then what more can you ask for? Enjoy every moment!

    • Kelly

      Of course! But always work to discover the best way to communicate difficult topics with your partner in a non-threatening, no sparks kind of way.

  49. TREV

    Hi kelly, I am a Libran born 29th Sept 1984, can you advise which is the star sign compatible for me,I come across usually Virgo’s my way, I am not attracted to them, but its like destiny holds Virgo’s,can you advise which is the star sign compatible for me?

  50. Anonymous

    hey. I just found out I’m “nearly Perfect Partners” with my current boyfriend and love of my life who’s a Libra.. -I’m a Leo, BTW..- and It made me pretty happy.. :3

  51. Renee I

    I’m a saggitarus whose in love with a capricorn, but he is so contoling and insecure due to being scorn in previous relationships that he investigates everything about me which drives me crazy. Why should i suffer because of his past?

    • lala

      Dump him. If he is going to put a camera everywhere u go. Hell isnt much going to be different. Capricorn men are so insecure so controlling and so so picky!

  52. Sandra

    hi im a scorpio and i have just met a guy who is a aquarius can you tell me if this would work out for us or am i wasting my time. Please help


    • lee

      i wouldnt worry too much about what star sign your partners are, Im a Gemini and the love of my life is a Sagittarius, (apparently the two as a pair is a astrological hell)
      we are soul mates and are excellent together because we are so different.

    • Iffy

      Yeah lee, I’m taurus and I’m in a relationship with a scorpio and it is the opposite of ‘astrological hell’, we have this insanely intense bond that I cannot describe. My first relationship with a capricorn was the ‘astrological hell’

    • Douglas

      Im in a relationship with a Gemini and I see some of the tginhs spoken upon in our day to day lives. We get along fine but some imperfections get in the way, And I’ve never even met a taurus or an Capicorn me and my Gemini are perfactly fine.

  53. Sammy

    I’m a Scorpio and I once really followed what the compatibility said… after having failed relationships with Pisces and Capricorn which are meant to be good matches but were awful I gave up trying. I met an Aries in 2010 and I have never looked back I am so in love and my relationship is great! over 3 years and very strong! I do love researching into star signs but you shouldn’t not give someone a chance because it could be really special! 🙂

  54. Chester New Divide

    My birth date is oct 8 . my mom says that im leo according to my birthdate , birthtime n nakshatra!! but on most of the sites it says i belong to libra.. im confused please help 🙁 .. im leo or Libra? :/ .. Kellyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙁

    • Shahzeb

      You are definitely Libra dear,
      People who born during September 23 – October 22 are belongs to Libra 🙂
      Search in Google

    • Larisa

      Oh yeah this is true. I’m in love with a Capricorn and I had Leo girlfriends but they all didn’t work out. Libras I like them but I coludn’t be in a relationship with one. She is too social. I like aquarius but its not enough for me. Cancers I love them too but those chicks get a Lil crazy. My Aries girl was ok but she didn’t last long enough. I cant stand a Pices, Gemnis, or Sagitarius. I haven’t had a Tarius, Scorpio or another Virgo yet..

  55. Anthony Morse

    anyone got any ideas of what best for pisces im very drawn to capricorns and feel that my destiny its like instant thing just click but by what iv read about the pisces sign it doesnt seem worth bothering at al hahaha

  56. Angelina Yancey

    I’m an Aries and my husband is a Pisces and we have been together for 9 years. I love him with my heart and soul, he is the perfect guy. He is so sensitive, innocent, careful, lovely, sweet and flirty. He understands me perfectly but what I love the most is our deep conversations. But I had to learn to fix myself first because I was to selfish, aggressive, egotistic and didn’t think before I spoke. Which brought a break up between us a few years back. It was my fault I admit it.But I want all of you Aries to know that Pisces are your best match because they will help you in becoming a better person and as beautiful as they are. To my Pisces out , just have patience with your Aries, talk to them, don’t play games, don’t make them jealous, and just do what you do best care for them and be very very patient , that believe me that sometimes when an Aries is mad they can say things they don’t mean. One more thing, an Aries needs a little of space fir herself and a Pisces always needs a little more care. You both are very romantic so love each other .Look at the sensitivity and sweetness of a Pisces and the adventurous and leading life style an Aries has. Last thing to say is DON’T GIVE UP EACH OTHER !!!! You two will teach other what’s the true meaning of love 🙂

    • Liz

      Thank you Angelina, I really needed this post, as I am a Pisces female starting off with an Aries male. I seem to attract a lot of Aries men and have had two bad experiences with them. I met this new guy and he seems to be different, but I’m afraid of him because of past hurts. This guy does something to me, but he is such a free spirit and wrapped into what he is doing right now, but I can tell when he is with me that he loves me ALREADY. I think that the nature of his sign can’t let him slow down. I was just about to walk away because being a Pisces I am very flighty and will vanish at the first sign of suspected issues. I think I’m wrong even though I keep wanting to leave him for no reason, but I think I will be patient and stay because when I am with him I feel as if our soul are connected on another level and I don’t want to miss out on true love because I’m flighty. Thank you again!!!

  57. adi

    Hi Kelly,
    I’m a 19th March born piscean and Aries cusp. I have lately realized that I am falling for a 23rd March Born Aries piscean cusp man.
    What do you think astrologically is possible?
    I think we are compatible but he is not sure. I’m confused now.


  58. Megan

    I’m a sagittarius and the guy I dated for 3 years and I recently ended it with is on the Virgo-libra cusp. He was very controlling and manipulative.. But I love him so much and im confused. Can you give me some advice Kelly?

    • Kelly

      When things like this happen and you still love them so much, it’s hard to see the bad parts about the relationship. I believe everything happens for a reason and think that you’ll understand why it didn’t work out if you give yourself time.

  59. Anthony Williams

    Hi I am a Pisces and I’m in love with a scorpio I’ve never felt anything like it we are very understanding of each other and it’s like we know what each if us are thinking, never in my life experienced anything like it, I’ve been with Aquarius and they was hell , so shallow and cold and very distant

  60. trixie

    I’m a Scorpio and fell inlove for the first time, he is a Capricorn. We’ve known each other for 15yrs and it ended last march.: ( we still love each other and I’m finding it hard to let go, just wondering if we’ll ever get back together? Were a perfect match.

    • chrissy

      Capricorns are awesome friends my little brother is a Capricorn and he is my best friend in the entire world couldn’t imagine it any other way so if you r great friends with them then there shouldn’t be any other reason why u guys don’t work out in some way shape and form

  61. zanne

    Hi Kelly! i’m currently dating a Pisces guy and i am scorpio. he seems a very caring nice guy. do u think it will go far moreso because its a long-distance relationship. i love him though.

    • chrissy

      Pisces men are so sweet and genuinely awesome take it from me he is a keeper as long as u r good to him as well

  62. chrissy

    I am Libra married to a picies with a rising sun man love him with all my Heart we have been married for almost for yrs now and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me my Heart my world so it can happen to you I dated a Taurus for like 4 yrs before and all we did was but heads and argue all the time there is a such thing as the wrong sign for a wrong sign

    • Terry

      Hi Chrissy, glad you found your soulmate and yes I agree that there are bad signs for anyone. But my hubby is a Gemini and I am a Taurus born on the cusp of Aries, so maybe that is why we are perfect partners, and yes he is my soulmate if one ever existed. I was first married to a scorpio and that was hell run over, then married a Leo which we simply fought all the time, both marriages were abusive,one physical and the other mentally. But like I said, TJ and I communicate with an agree to disagree attitude, are completely honest with one another and are each others very best friend, so Gemini and Taurus can work in sync, if both are on the same page together 😉

  63. Bennie

    I am a Scorpio, dated a Capricorn, we broke up, then 2 Aquaruis in a row, married the last Acquaruis, now getting a divorce. Scorpio’s love hard, and cannot deal with betrayal. The relationship I had with the Capricorn, was the best relationship ever, even though it was in high school. Just met a Pisces, she is awesome.

  64. liz

    im Aquarius my last BF was Cancer that ended terribly n before that 2 previous partner were Taurus.. and now i am with anoth Taurean… whats that all about .. i love him so much and we get on well enough we have loads of silly arguements but we both know we dont mean what we say.. Aparently we are not destined to be together but.. i feel like we should be???

    • samantha

      I’m dating a Taurus too…. its been 4 years and it’s going perfectly well… We might argue which all couples do but we have had more good times than bad….

  65. Montez

    Help! a scopio guy is on me, we have been dating but i never loved the guy, i dumped him but he is stil on my neck. Help me

  66. angelica pillay

    Hello my name is angelica and I’m dating a pisces. My birthday is on the 06/12/1995 so that makes me a sagittarius. I’ve been dating them for 1 year 7 months and all we do is fight all the time. I love him very much and I say I’m going to leave him but I always run back, what do I do? We both tattooed each others names on our neck and the star says that he’s not my destiny

    • Chris

      To put it politely, you are simply WRONG for each other ! He’s a Pisces, and if your Birthday is in mid June, your a Gemini. Sure, your both Intelligent people, and the Sex may be good, but if your fighting a lot, what does that tell You. Relationships that are Good for both people operate smoothly. When two people are right for each other the Relationship flows, and there is an ease about it. Sure it’s hard to end, even a bad relationship because of the bond that does exist, and the familiarity of it all. After all, this person has been your partner. People will end a relationship for the right reasons, but will return to the relationship because it is Too uncomfortable to go through the healing process. Plus a failed relationship reflects on your ability to pick the right partner, which can place a lot of doubt in you. Are You by nature a weak person, a person of little conviction ? If so, you’ll repeat this cycle over and over again, and being bound to the wrong person. Time spent with this person prevents You from being available for the right relationship. If He ends the relationship before You, then there is the possibility of Your feeling rejection, which in turn can make You want the BAD RELATIONSHIP even more, and,again, for all the WRONG REASONS. Make a clean break with the Understanding that you’ll hurt horribly. You’ll bleed over it, but you will survive and heal. I hope that my personal experience has opened your eyes and mind. Oh, and by the way, I am not unique in any way, and I have been in your situation, as have most people . You have the strength; it is within You . . . Use it ! Best Wishes to You in Your Future New Relationship. Chris

    • Tasha

      I’m an Aries and Was married to a Virgo for a minute, way way way too much work for Me. Virgo men r way too emotional. I know three other Aries women who were with Virgo men and they didn’t last. For all of Us the first year was superb thereafter HORRIBLE.

  67. Kat H

    Hi! So I’m an aries and think I’ve fallen for my friend who’s a leo. He’s about the same age as me, but I’m not sure if he likes me back. What makes matters worse, he lives in another country and is trying to get his band back together. What should I do for asking him on if he likes me back? I am completely shy when the subject comes up. HELP!!

  68. Ell

    I’m an Aries & my BF is Virgo. We’ve been together over a year & we never have fights. It says my perfect match is Leo & Sagittarius, I’ve never dated either of those two.

  69. Rae

    My birthday is the 23 of October. Discovered I was on the cusp about 2 years ago and followed both Scorpio and Libra. But it’s crazy my first two ever loves/infatuations were a Gemini and Aquarius! And my bestfriends are Gemini and Pisces! So strange! Coincidence? I think not.

  70. Anushka

    Well I’m a Pisces and my bf is a Sagittarius but we seem perfect together… But its not like anything’s going to happen to us in the future right…

  71. Katie

    Im an Aquarius and I’m completely and utterly in love with a Scorpio. It says that its not my destiny, but I feel like it is! Right now I’m crushing, it’s nothing really serious yet, so should I try to push down my feelings? He seems so nice and perfect, I just can’t…
    Anyway, can anyone help me?

  72. cheryl

    Kelly’s star sign is so accurate I’m a Scorpio and my perfect partner is a cancer and yesterday me and my bf spent our 2nd yr anniversary together

  73. Karen

    My star sign is Cancer and you were spot on wth what you wrote. Unfortunately my perfect partner was a Pisces, and cancer is his, but sadly afta nearly 20 years we ended in divorceing
    Partners im attracted to was also correct. My 2nd husband was an Aquarius, now divorced and my current partner is also Aquarius. Lol. Lol. Th only thing is we constantly argue. So even though cancers are attracted to Aquarius, I just dont think we get along.

    Thank you.

  74. Khabonina Tshabalala

    We are both Pisces me and my partner. Are we a good match. We fight most of the time we have dated for7yrs. We can’t stay away frm each other

  75. Favour

    I was born on the 12th of July and that makes me a Cancer, am Favour by name. A Sagittarius is on my neck and even when i try to drive him away he stil cms bak. Help

  76. Lyndsey

    I’m a Libran married to an Aries & it has been 6 years of roller coasters! Our chemistry keeps us together,but we fight to near death! But our love is too strong!

  77. Summer S

    I’m a pisces and I’m strongly attracted to a Libra if I ask him out I worried I’ll get rejected and that he’d tell everyone. What should I do?

  78. Kelly

    Hey Kelly, my name is Kelly too haha.
    I just discovered your page and i find it quick and simple 🙂 you should do more rising signs and moon signs too. I really like your page though c: x

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