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June Horoscope, 2014

June Horoscope, 2014

Below are snippets of your monthly horoscope for each star sign, written by Lauren from Positively Astrology.


A month focused on commitment, travel, and partnerships. Mid-month, a foreign trip or education matter could come together. The end of the month turns your focus to housing and family matters, and you may be preparing to say goodbye to your current residence. Continue reading


A month focused on money and work. Mid-month could bring financial news that prompts you to review or revise the ways you manage funds. The end of the month could bring a beneficial agreement your way, or you may decide it’s time for a new vehicle. Continue reading


A month focused on new initiations, romance, and creativity. A partnership matter will climax mid-month, and it could revolve around a child. The end of the month is focused on your finances, and all signs are pointing to a bountiful financial payoff from a career endeavor.  Continue reading


A month focused on rest, recuperation, and closing out old projects and plans. Mid-month, a work or health matter may culminate, and it seems that work and home are tied together in some way. In fact, housing and family matters factor prominently all month. The end of the month marks your own personal new year, and all signs indicate that travel or higher thinking will be a huge part of your coming year. Continue reading


A month focused on long-term plans, friendship, and socializing. Mid-month, a love affair could blossom into the real deal, or you could learn that you or a partner are pregnant. The end of the month sees you wrapping up old projects and plans to prepare for your birthday month in July. Continue reading


A month focused on career and money. Mid-month, a home issue may climax, and it’s possible you decide to move. The end of the month puts long-term plans and friendships into focus, and could usher a close relationship into a new era. Continue reading


A month focused on travel, education, finances and spirituality. Mid-month, you could be presented with a beneficial contract, or perhaps hear big news about a sibling or writing project. The end of the month could launch you into a whole new career dimension, when there’s a gorgeous new moon in your professional sector. Continue reading


A month focused on money and relationships. Mid-month, you may gain or lose a source of income. The end of the month turns your attention to higher education and travel matters. Continue reading


A month focused on relationships and long-term plans. Mid-month, a goal close to your heart could culminate with the full moon in your sign. Finances are up and down all month, but the new moon at the end of the month could see a home loan or family inheritance pull through. Continue reading


A month focused on work and career. You may be offered a new job or change the responsibilities at your current one. Mid-month, it seems a chapter of your life will come to an end. The end of the month turns your focus to relationships, and it seems you may decide to make a comitment to a love or business partner. Continue reading


A month focused on romance and fun. Mid-month, a long-term goal may come to fruition. All month, watch your spending, and if you take any travel, be sure to prepare back-up plans in case things go wrong. Towards the end of the month, you may begin a new job or work assignment that pays handsomely. Continue reading


A month focused on family, housing matters, and money. With Mercury retrograde in your home sector, be sure to read over any contracts or agreements carefully. Mid-month, an important career milestone may occur for you, and it may come with a nice financial boost. The end of the month turns your focus to romance, fun, and creativity, as a gorgeous new moon appears in this sector holding hands with your ruler, Neptune. Continue reading