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May Horoscope, 2014

May Horoscope, 2014

Below are snippets of your monthly horoscope written by Positively Astrology.


A month focused on money and career. Mid-month, you may get jarring financial news, or on the flip side, learn of an inheritance or bonus. The end of the month could bring an important contract or commitment, perhaps made in love or business.  Continue reading


A month focused on personal beginnings, travel, and long-term plans. Mid-month holds a strong full moon, which could break or solidify a close business or personal relationship. The end of the month turns your focus to money and work, and you may get a raise or unexpected job offer. Continue reading


A month focused on closing out old projects and relationships in order to make way for new ones. Mid-month, a work or health matter may culminate, and it may be an important milestone for you. The end of the month turns your focus to new initiations in your life, possibly having to do with love affairs, children, creative projects, or leisure activities. Continue reading


A month focused on friendship, travel, and long-term plans. Mid-month, an issue surrounding a romance, child, or creative project may culminate, and it could feel serious. The end of the month grows quieter, as you close out old projects and tie up loose ends. Continue reading


A month focused on career, money, and health. Mid-month, you may hear jarring housing or family news, but it’s also possible that a positive home matter culminates. The end of the month puts you in party mode, as the emphasis changes to friendships, socializing, and long-term goals. Just watch your spending, as money news could be disappointing. Continue reading


A month focused on travel, higher education, and partnerships. Mid-month, you may make an important commitment, and a contract could materialize. The end of the month turns your focus to your career, and you may get a new job, title, or salary. Continue reading


A month focused on money, work, and career. Mid-month, an issue regarding your income may come to a head. At the end of the month, your focus turns to travel, higher learning, and visionary projects. Continue reading


A month focused on love, partnership, and creativity. Mid-month, something very important to you may culminate, but it could bring some strife and disruption. The end of the month turns your focus to shared finances, such as money from investments, bonuses, a partner, or family money. Continue reading


A month focused on work, health and money. Mid-month, a chapter of your life may come to an end, and it could feel more serious than it needs to. The end of the month changes focus to your partnerships, and aspects indicate that you may be preparing to make a deeper commitment in love or business. Continue reading


A month focused on play, romance, and children. Mid-month, a long-held dream could culminate, or a friend could come out with some big news. The end of the month sees you getting down to business, as the new moon might sweep a plum new assignment or job opportunity into your world. Continue reading


A month focused on home, family, and income. Mid-month, a career matter culminates, and you may get a new job or perhaps leave a current one. The end of the month is focused on love, fun, creativity, and it seems you may even be taking a far-away trip or working on a creative project at this time. Continue reading


A month focused on writing, transportation, and siblings. Mid-month, a writing, travel, or higher education matter will come to a head. Although it seems there will be a positive outcome, events could lead to some disruption in your life. Towards the end of the month the focus shifts towards housing and family matters, and it appears you may be in for a financial treat to help you upgrade your abode. Continue reading