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2014 is Year of the Horse

2014 is Year of the Horse

Happy Chinese New Year!

This year it is the Horses’ time to shine.  The Year of the Horse begins on January 31st, 2014 and ends on February 18th, 2015.

Year of the Horse Elements for 2014

There are certain qualities that change every 12 years when it is the Year of the Horse.  For 2014, it is known as the Green Wood Horse Year.

To attract good luck and success in the new year, there is a tradition to wear the colours associated with the year during the celebrations and throughout the year and it is even considered good Feng Shui to decorate your house with those colours. Because wood is supported by the Earth and Water elements to make it grow, blue and black (for water) and any earthy colours such as brown and green (for earth) are considered perfect for 2014.

Year of the Horse Personality

The Horse personality is fun, energetic and playful but they can be quite easily spooked or scared too.  They need their independence but also need the support and company of others.  In this way, many Horses can be conflicted and feel unsettled.

They love to gallop off and enjoy their freedom but also love to have a stable home environment that they can come home to and relax with their loved ones each night.  The Horse is a beautiful and strong creature but underneath, they can be quite fragile emotionally, especially when someone criticises them, rather than provides constructive feedback to help them.

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Year of the Horse Personality


Chinese Zodiac Horse Compatibility in Love

The Horse is the perfect partner for any Tiger, Goat or Dog.  They are social and love to be in love though, so many Horse people find it easy to get along with most of the other Chinese signs.

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