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January Horoscope, 2014

2014 January Horoscope

Below are snippets of your monthly horoscope written by CafeAstrology.


Career matters could be causing you some concern in January, dear Aries, but try not to fret over details. Instead, come up with a better game plan. Professionally, you’re perfectly willing and able to make a complete overhaul if it means greater success down the road. It’s especially important this month to consciously work on bringing more warmth and charm to your interactions, particularly business and partnership ones. Read more


While your spirit for adventure is strong this month, dear Taurus, watch for some communication snafus. Travel, legal, or educational plans may not be moving forward at the speed you’d like them to be. The 15th brings some surprising news or a sudden rush of activity. Likely, money shared, borrowed, or loaned will be big topics on the table now. Read more


You could be digging up interesting information this month, dear Gemini, and there is likely to be quite a fuss over it in the first week of the month. While it’s not a time to sweep matters under the rug, some care should be taken in all love matters this month, particularly those surrounding shared finances and intimacy. Read more


Relationships take center stage this month, dear Cancer, but are not always especially easy. There is bound to be a whole lot of negotiating, discussing, and compromising going on with a special person in your life, but you may sense some warmth or charm missing while Venus retrogrades in your opposite sign until the 31st. Full Moons are often emotional for you, but the Full Moon on the 15th is especially so because it occurs in your sign. Read more


Routine matters, attention to health and wellness, and work receive top billing this month, dear Leo, but are not always straightforward. In fact, there are likely times when you feel pulled in too many directions and this can drain you of energy. You may want to make extra effort to express warmth on the job now, as there can be some pulling back that could otherwise cause some problems. Read more


A highly creative month is in store for you, dear Virgo, but while strong focus is on romance and pleasure, both are complicated in January. Backtracking is necessary with your personal finances and your love life. Past matters resurface and require sensitive attention, but you might often feel “stuck” when it comes to love – on someone from your past, or on resurfacing problems. Read more


You want to live life on your own terms this month, dear Libra, with assertive Mars in your sign all month (for an extended stay) and most planets in active, cardinal houses. You’re in a take-charge frame of mind and emotionally detached just enough to pursue your desires without worrying as much about what others think. People around you won’t always recognize you in January. Read more


This may not be the best month for relying on others, dear Scorpio, but fortunately, Saturn in your sign is working in good form in January, and this provides you with a nice level of independence as well as self-reliance. Errands, paperwork, and short trips are bound to keep you on your toes this month. Read more


While this month may not be the clearest one for direction, dear Sagittarius, it’s strong for building, planning, and securing. You have the chance to improve your financial position, either by stabilizing cash flow or by finding new ways to make money altogether. However, there can be some hiccups along the way, and possibly some insecurity and worry as well. Read more


The New Moon in your sign on the 1st sets the tone of the month, dear Capricorn, and it’s all about you. January is a month for learning about both your power and your limits. This is a time for living your life as you wish, with healthy respect for others, but also a strong focus on some of your buried or unfulfilled desires. Read more


A mostly easygoing energy is with you much of January, dear Aquarius, with a nice balance of activity and rest, self-assertion and compromise, as well as work and pleasure. Any matter that requires people skills, charm, and verbal prowess is favored from the 11-31, when you are especially convincing and Mercury animates your conversations. Read more


While you’re likely to be quite busy socially in January, dear Pisces, many of your important activities, efforts, and discoveries are going on behind the scenes. The desire is to network, although there can be some challenges with friends or in groups to deal with, mostly involving complicated feelings or issues from the past resurfacing for review. Read more