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Cancer ~ 22 June – 23 July

Cancer Star Signs
The Cancer Star Sign

Element Water ~ Quality Cardinal ~ Charge Negative ~ Ruling Planet Moon ~ Day Monday ~ Phrase “I feel”

What does the star sign Cancer mean?

The Cancer Star Sign Personality

Cancers are cute. They pretend to be tough but it’s all an act. They have great memories and lots of them are good at history. They love anything old, like museums, antiques and your grandmother. They are fairly secretive and hide things – food in their drawers and cupboards for instance. They stay pretty close to home, are extremely psychic, have a great sense of humour and are the world’s best cooks. They collect things. Other people call this garbage but to them it’s gold…you’d never find a Cancer throwing a garage sale.

More About Cancer

Cancers look for security on the one hand and adventure and novelty on the other. They are popular because they really listen to what others are saying. Their own voices are attractive too. They are naturals for sales work and in any kind of advisory capacity. Where their own problems are concerned, they can disappear inside themselves and brood, which makes it hard for others to understand them. Cancers spend a good deal of time worrying about their families and, even more so, about money. They appear soft but are hard to influence. Many Cancers are small traders and much more work in teaching or in the caring professions. They have a feel for history, perhaps collecting historical mementoes, and their memories are excellent. They need to have a home but they love travelling away from it, being happy in the knowledge that it is there waiting for them to come back to. There are few Cancers who seem to drift through life and expect other members of their family to keep them.

Romantically, they prefer to be settled and they fear to be alone. A marriage would need to be really bad before they consider leaving and if they do, they soon look for a new partner. These people can be scoundrels in business because they hate parting with money once they have their hands on it. However, their charm and intelligence usually manage to get them out of trouble.

Cancer at Work

New ideas are what you need to keep the business alive and you seem to have plenty of them! All you need now is some of that elusive motivation to follow through with them. The key here is to pick one of those fantastic ideas and run with it. You’re a natural at selling something that you’ve researched thoroughly and would possibly use yourself, so put your mind to tasks such as writing effective advertising copy and revising your product descriptions to maximise your strengths. Try not to worry so much about your finance, if you think it will work, trust in yourself and you won’t go wrong.

Cancer Compatibility

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Cancer Gift Ideas

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    so freaken scary.. people call me cute, i hide my food, i like old stuff, i have so many secrets and i like being secured… wow…

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