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Is your relationship built to last?

Is your relationship built to last

People are always asking me if their relationship is built to last. It’s a tricky thing to answer especially when:

  1. I have never met either person
  2. I only have one side of the story to go by

There are certain things that I would look for in a relationship and since I spent 9 years with my husband before getting married, I’ve certainly asked myself if we were built to last during that time.

So here are a few things I would look out for to see if a relationship is built to last.

You always have each other’s best interests at heart

I don’t mean that you never put yourselves first, I mean that when the situation arises, you think only of your other half’s happiness and give unbiased advice that would ultimately make them happy.

You love each other’s quirks

I have a few quirks I’ll admit, but my husband has always embraced them and even poked fun at them in an affectionate type of way. Especially when I’m highly embarrassed after a quirk has reared its ugly head, he manages to let me know that I’m only human and we have a laugh about it.

You ‘get’ each other

Do you know what I mean? I know exactly what you mean!

When the going gets tough, you’re there for each other

This is probably the most important point to look out for. When life tests you, we all need that person who can listen, offer support and push us in the right direction again. Even better if that person happens to be your partner.

You can talk about a common interest

One thing I love about my relationship is that we can have the nerdiest, most interesting chats. There was a point when it seemed our common interests were dwindling, but as soon as I got involved in my husband’s current interest and vice-versa, it was game on after that! Suddenly we could talk for hours again.

You are great travel partners

We didn’t know this for quite a few years but when it came time for us to see the world, we were like a well oiled machine ticking off our to-see and to-do lists and had an absolute blast. I played navigator and photographer while my other half provided transport and came up with ideas and places to fuel our bellies. Whether it’s relaxing by the pool, eating (and drinking) your way through the countryside, hiking or snowboarding, most of the happy couples I know enjoy doing the same things together on vacation.

You don’t have to have compatible star signs

What?! That’s right! I’m a Leo married to a Capricorn (I’m not joking) and it’s working out pretty good for us!

Every relationship is so different. What works for me and my husband might not work for others!

What other things do you look for to see if your relationship is built to last?