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December Horoscope, 2014

December Horoscope 2014

Below are snippets of your monthly horoscope for each star sign, written by Lauren from Positively Astrology.


A month focused on foreign travel, academic projects, and spirituality. You may make an important commitment with the full moon on the 6th. The end of the month should bring relief to your bank account, as stern Saturn moves out of your shared finances sector. Continue reading


A month focused on money and work with a full moon in your salary sector and the move of Mars into your house of fame and career. The end of the month brings relief to a close partnership as Saturn moves out of your opposite sign of Scorpio and into your sector of shared finances. Continue reading


A month focused on partnerships and commitments. Something close to your heart will culminate with the full moon in your sign on the 6th, possibly involving a romance, pregnancy, or long-term project. The end of the month brings an influx of financing your way- perhaps a bonus on the job or funding for a company.  Continue reading


A month focused on work and money. The full moon on the 6th could end a job or work assignment. The new moon in Capricorn on the 22nd signals the start of a new chapter in a close relationship. Continue reading


A month focused on romance, creativity, and partying! The full moon on the 6th could bring a fun social event your way or mark the culmination of an important project. The end of the month could bring a new work assignment into your life, one that pays quite well! Continue reading


A month focused on housing issues and family. On the 6th, a career matter could culminate, and the next month may find you busy as a little bee on work assignments. By the end of the month, romance reigns supreme, and you’re sure to be starry eyed with love over the holidays. Continue reading


A month focused on partnerships, contracts, and communication. A travel or education matter could culminate on the 6th. The end of the month sees Saturn move out of your income sector, suggesting that you will have a much easier time finding work in 2015. Continue reading


A month focused on income and shared finances, with possible gains and losses in both areas of life. Mars’ movement into your 4th house could indicate a lot of construction work on your home this month or time spent with relatives. Saturn exits your sign on December 23, which should relieve any burdens you’ve been feeling. Continue reading


A month focused on personal beginnings and new initiations. A close relationship will come to a head with the full moon in your partnership house on the 6th. Saturn’s move to your sign at the end of the month suggests the next few years could see you change course in your personal or professional life, perhaps taking on more responsibility at home or on the job. Continue reading


Happy birthday, dear Cappy! Until December 22nd, you will close out old projects and plans to prepare for the new ones you’ll initiate with the new moon in your sign. You may even have a new job, work assignment, or relocation opportunity to look forward to! Saturn’s move out of your 11th house on December 23rd should relieve any tension in a close friendship. Continue reading


A month focused on social events, tech projects, and long-term planning. A romance or creative project could culminate with the full moon on the 6th. With Mars’ move into your sign on the 4th, and Saturn’s move out of a painful square to your sign on the 23rd, you seem to have more energy to get things done, and encounter less pressure and resistance this month. Continue reading


A month focused on work, money and career. On the 6th, a housing or family matter may culminate with the full moon. The end of the month turns your attention to social events and long-term planning. Continue reading