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Harness your inner powers through jewellery

Harness Your Inner Powers with Cosmic Jewellery

All cultures through the ages have propagated the concept of sacred geometry. Sacred geometry refers to the amazing mathematical proportions, patterns and laws that are at the foundation of everything in existence.  They reveal to us the concept of oneness. Accepting it, is a must for us to grow spiritually, loving all in existence. However, in today’s materialistic world, we couldn’t be farther from realizing this oneness as fear, hatred and chaos rule the day. 

Since symbology has always had a powerful influence on human consciousness, one way of connecting with these universal geometric codes can be by wearing sacred jewelry designed around the different sacred geometry symbols. Such jewelry is not meant just for adornment, but for awakening the dormant energies inside you, the wearer. As you harness the powers intrinsic to these religious and sacred geometry shapes, you re-harmonize the weakened energy fields, cleansing and healing yourself on physical, psychological and spiritual planes.

Sacred Jewelry Green

Meditating on the sacred jewelry and feeling it on your body helps your consciousness go beyond the physical senses and reach the higher senses or the inherent spiritual powers. The divine positive energy of these pieces transfers to you and brings creative and productive transformation in every aspect of your life.


They attract blessings, benefits and opportunities for you, removing obstacles to help you achieve your ambitions. Healing you holistically, the talismans and jewels fill you with peace, happiness, love, hope and strength and also make you look at the world from a new, optimistic perspective.


The world would be a better place if we help each other understand the fundamental truth of our identity, that all life has sprung forth from a common source and everything in this vast cosmos is intricately and irrevocably connected to each other. We should help as many people as we can to reconnect with Nature and the universe, work towards leading more productive and content lives and find the path to spiritual wisdom. 

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Sacred Jewelry creator David Weitzman

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