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Year of the Black Water Snake

Chinese New Year of the Snake 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

2013 is the Chinese Year of the Snake, or more specifically, the black water snake! Sounds a bit scary doesn’t it?

What this means to you

Snake years will deliver steady progress towards your life goals if you pay attention to the details. Fantastic opportunities will be present but it will certainly be a challenge to harness them!

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Snapshot for Chinese Signs in Year of the Snake, 2013

Rat – Lucky, potential promotion
Ox – fresh start, an exciting year
Tiger – steady, lots of planning
Rabbit – lucky, happy, healthy
Dragon –  moving forward, plenty of opportunities
Snake – fresh start, forgiving, exciting year
Horse – ups and downs, make no hasty decisions
Goat – success, rewarding, lots of passion
Monkey –  slow progress, consider risk for your actions
Rooster – new ideas, watch out for flaring tempers
Dog – social, keeping calm, happy
Pig – frustrated, quiet achiever, avoid risks

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