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2013: A numerology perspective

“There is always strength in numbers” – Mark Shields

To find out the universal number for 2013, we need to apply the numerology formula of adding each number together.

Doing this for the year 2013 we get: 2+0+1+3 = 6.


2013 is Universal Number 6

The themes for a number 6 year are centred around:

  • love
  • harmony
  • compassion
  • stability
  • giving more of yourself to others

Therefore, the year 2013 in numerology, means this year will be about placing importance on other people instead of yourself.

Its about getting behind a cause and volunteering your time to help others less fortunate.  It’s also about doing more with less and even going without the things you want, so that others will benefit.

It’s being there for people and doing wonderful things for them, just because.


Here are some things that would epitomise the spirit of the year 2013:

  • spontaneous grocery shopping for a friend low on cash
  • donating your time to help others clean up their garden or house
  • spending time to just be there and really listen to a friend who’s been down on their luck
  • signing up to volunteer your time at a local charity
  • taking a sick person on an outing they will cherish
  • spending time with your kids doing what they love to do most
  • visiting a nature reserve to slow down, de-stress, reduce anger, gain perspective and relax
  • saying ‘no’ to impulse buying and getting something that will cheer up a friend instead
  • giving your love away freely because its the right thing to do and not expecting anything in return
  • realising that grudge you hold is not worth losing a friend over and work on repairing the friendship


What do you think you will do this year? Have you got any other ideas?

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