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May Horoscope, 2012

TAURUS (20 April – 20 May) – Happy Birthday to Taurus!


Taurus You are a powerhouse! You know what you want and boy are you working to get it.  You are still as decisive and determined as last month and thanks to your efforts so far, there’ll be a few key things to celebrate in May.  New ideas are popping up and you will be able to join the dots on a very complex issue which has had your head spinning for some time now.  Towards the end of the month, try not to over-indulge in spending your money as there will be better things that pop up next month that will require a fat wallet. In the bedroom, your heart strings are being pulled from the moment you see your lover and you can both feel the temperatures rising.
Star Sign Compatibility with Taurus

GEMINI (21 May – 20 June)


Gemini To everyone else, you’re looking fabulous and walking tall with a sparkle in your eye.  Underneath however, your confidence is crumbling away due to something that happened not long ago that you can’t quite forget.  Perhaps you’re wondering if you will make the same mistakes again.  In my experience, someone who fears to make mistakes, stops living. While those who acknowledge and learn from their mistakes find it easier to move on.  You wouldn’t be the person you are today, if you didn’t go through some bad experiences along the way.  Take it all in your stride, keep that chin up and look life straight in the eye.  With your emotions running close to the surface this month, it’s best to take it easy and try to keep a cool head at work if any issues pop up.
Star Sign Compatibility with Gemini

CANCER (21 June – 22 July)


Cancer Hold onto the reins, your life is about to gallop forward whether you are ready or not!  With so much to do this month you will barely have time to rest and as a result you are at risk of becoming both emotionally and physically drained.  Take your vitamins and curl up and sleep any chance you get.  If you begin to feel stressed, at good 40 minutes of exercise is the best remedy for you this month.  Much to your pleasure, your partner will work their magic on you this month and you’ll feel like you can accomplish anything.  Pay attention to what a friend talks to you about towards the end of the month as it may be regarding the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.
Star Sign Compatibility with Cancer

LEO (23 July – 22 August)


Leo It’s time to work out what is most important to you and focus your energies on that.  You’ve been spread too thinly these past few weeks and simply giving yourself a focus will drastically and almost instantly improve the quality of your life.  Believe in yourself and your talents and you will be recognised and appreciated for them.  A career opportunity might also come knocking this month which will deserve a close look.  So, get back to basics and re-discover the things you loved to do as a child.  Bake a cake, paint a picture, dig a hole in the garden in pursuit of worms, whatever you enjoyed as a 5 year old, do it again this month and just watch how much pleasure you can get out of these simple tasks. Hopefully you’ll find what to focus on soon enough.
Star Sign Compatibility with Leo

VIRGO (23 August – 22 September)


Virgo Study and your career play an important role in your life this month.  It’s unavoidable and you will feel the need to take a hard look at the direction you’re heading and check that you’re on the right path.  If you can visualise yourself in the end goal, perfect.  If not, it might be time to take a short break over a weekend and get away from the grind to really appreciate why you’re doing what you’re doing. Be wary of mixing business with pleasure on social networks this month.  Your reputation may be at risk, so avoid adding your boss or teacher until you have edited out all the embarrassing memorabilia.  If single, a love interest will find any excuse to come and chat with you this month, especially if they are a new friend.
Star Sign Compatibility with Virgo

LIBRA (23 September – 22 October)


Libra Congratulations, luck is on your side in May!  Everything you touch or look into will somehow work out to be in your favour.  As a bonus, it’s highly likely you’ll see your wages increased, win a raffle and for the incredibly lucky Librans, maybe even win the lotto.  There’s a couple of issues just under the surface but if you simply chat about any concerns you have with work colleagues or friends, their sound advice will be just what you need to squash those issues before they become a drama in your life.  Don’t try to overcomplicate or over analyse anything.  Just go with the flow, enjoy being a lucky Libran for a month, rest up and let your worries fade into a distant memory.
Star Sign Compatibility with Libra

SCORPIO (23 October – 21 November)


Scorpio You’ll be angry at others organising your life so completely in the beginning of the month but when the moment comes to participate in these pre-organised events, you’ll be having a laugh and enjoying yourself as much as the next person.  While you’re a bit of a social butterfly this month, there’ll probably be some unfortunate delays or unexpected troubles to hit your wallet.  At work, you’ll need to hold your cards close to your chest, because someone who you chat with, but don’t know very well, doesn’t have the company’s best interests in mind.  Romance will be demanding all your spare time and attention but it’s not like love is a chore, so enjoy the sense of togetherness.
Star Sign Compatibility with Scorpio

SAGITTARIUS (22 November – 21 December)


You are a natural!  Let’s face it, there are some months, where you can struggle to connect the dots, but this month you’re so in tune with what needs doing that others are raising their eyebrows they are so impressed.  Pat yourself on the back, because it takes a lot of hard work to achieve that kind of recognition.  Your bubbling enthusiasm and love of life is infectious and it’s what others love most about you.  Don’t let a stray word from a stranger’s mouth to get you down.  You’re above them in every way possible.  Your relationship will hit a minor roadblock towards the end of the month, but it might just be that you over promised and under delivered. It will be easy enough to work things through.
Star Sign Compatibility with Sagittarius

CAPRICORN (22 December – 19 January)


Capricorn It’s time for some serious rest and relaxation for you.  Work may not be the most exciting thing in your life right now, so doing some activities that bring you happiness will help to uplift your spirits.  Don’t feel guilty about not caring so much for work right now. You are simply restoring the balance in your life.  Too much of one thing leaves you craving for the opposite.  Romance is alive and well this month and you may even find yourself being a tad spontaneous which is bound to excite your partner.  For this month at least, throw out the plans and take life a notch less serious.  Dance in your living room, make a brightly coloured finger painting, walk to the top of the nearest mountain and enjoy your life.
Star Sign Compatibility with Capricorn

AQUARIUS (20 January – 18 February)


Aquarius You’re beginning to appreciate all that you have in your home and family life.  You’ll be smitten with the smallest of things this month and actually find the time you spend strengthening your family bonds very rewarding.  Unfortunately, you’ll probably experience a delay or two with something you are looking forward to.  For the most part, romance is still alive and well however you may find that your relationship takes a couple of steps backwards due to Venus going retrograde in the sky.  Single Aquarians should drop their search for a partner for the last half of the month and instead spend that time with old friends.
Star Sign Compatibility with Aquarius

PISCES (19 February – 20 March)


Pisces You’ve had a great time recently with friends and while the beginning of the month’s social calendar continues to keep you busy each weekend, you’ll begin to crave a bit of relaxing time at home.  Your partner may or may not feel the need to stay at home though, which may bring about a misunderstanding.  Single Pisces are more likely to find love if heading out with a large group of friends since this is when you come out of your shell.  At work or school, teamwork plays an important role.  Don’t assume that you have to do every little task yourself.  In fact, if you ask someone if they could help you do one or two parts, you’ll end up with a much better result in a shorter amount of time. Two heads are better than one right?
Star Sign Compatibility with Pisces

ARIES (21 March – 19 April)


Aries Excitement is building in your life.  Somehow you’re finding more energy and time to get stuff done in the day especially with work, study and getting fit.  A balanced combination of healthy foods and moderate exercise will do wonders for your body and your health this month and will help to fight off any icky seasonal bugs going around.  A love interest does something you weren’t expecting which helps you to see them in a new light. Whether that’s good or bad is yet to be seen!  Exercise caution and definitely do your research with any major purchases this month.  It’s no time to be tossing away your hard earned money on a whim.
Star Sign Compatibility with Aries

I hope you have all enjoyed reading this months horoscope!


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