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Curious about the 13th star sign Ophiuchus?

There’s nothing to be alarmed about. Astrologers have known about the claim to a 13th sign for a long time. The 13th sign is a collection of stars in the sky inbetween Scorpio and Sagittarius called Ophiuchus and plays no part in traditional western astrology and star sign personalities, but does play a part if you follow Vedic astrology.  Vedic astrology looks at the current planets and how they line up with the zodiac constellations.

What’s the difference?

When astrology was created thousands of years ago, the constellations lined up perfectly. The Sun was “in” the constellation of Aries at the time of the Spring equinox and the 360 degree circle of constellations in the sky was divided evenly into 12 parts, each part containing the constellation to a different “star sign”. This is the fixed calendar that we refer to today – also known as tropical astrology or western astrology.

But because of the Earth’s minuscule wobble on it’s axis, the constellation at the time of the Spring equinox shifts backwards a tiny bit each year. We are currently in Pisces, not Aries like it used to be. Apparently around the year 23,800, we’ll finally be back with Aries again. I find this quite exciting because this means we are actually nearing the Age of Aquarius, if not in it already!

Western Astrology doesn’t look to the current skies and constellations to figure out your star sign when you are born, instead it looks at the traditional fixed calendar with Aries always leading the procession because it still works for determining personalities and it also takes into consideration whether your sign is positive/negative, cardinal/fixed/mutable, fire/earth/air/water. This would not be the case with a 13th constellation or star sign thrown into the mix.

Tell me, look at the star sign before your traditional star sign. Do you fit the characteristics of the star sign before you? eg. if you are a Leo, do you think you could be a Cancer? Please share your thoughts!